What is the most dangerous Pokemon

Last Pokémon in battle

Like a prayer wheel, one hears the phrase "You only win when the game is over". What applies to numerous sports also applies to strategic Pokémon battles: The last Pokémon can often turn the game around again if you prepare yourself specifically for it and do not go into battle in an unsuspecting manner.


The last Pokémon has certain disadvantages:

  • If the last Pokémon is defeated, you have lost ...
  • You cannot change your last Pokémon if your opponent sends a Counter Pokémon into battle.
  • You can no longer get rid of certain inconveniences such as swan song or leech seeds by substituting.
  • All strategies in which you would have to sacrifice your own Pokémon fall flat. The use of swan song or explosion is pointless and leads to certain defeat.
  • Supporters cannot help you in this situation, because they should actually help other team members and are not really there to fight directly.


In the situation mentioned, however, you have two decisive advantages:

First, you have a healthy Pokémon. A healthy Pokémon is worth at least as much as three badly damaged Pokémon.

Second, the opponent can no longer replace your Pokémon with the help of a roar or whirlwind. Most teams only have Roarer (Pokémon with a roar), but no Hazer (Pokémon with dark fog) against a Pokémon with increased values ​​(e.g. through the use of Sword Dance, Dragon Dance, Thoughts, Protzer, Curse; an increase in value through attacks is called a Boost) ). Roaring no longer works, so such teams can no longer do anything against Boost Pokémon.

Strong last Pokémon

The last strongest Pokémon are Pokémon with a boost attack, which are reasonably fast and can also take a few hits.

CalmCune: Hydro pump produces a damage move that Heiteira, Relaxo and other counters don't like. Delegator for AP wasting with 101 HP delegators and enforcers, the same applies to protective shield. You can also improve the EVs and play less Vert and more Init / SpAngr. For delegator sets, of course, maximum CP.

Curselax, one of the most dangerous Pokemon in the game. Earthquake for Despotar, Metagross and Jirachi, Spukball helps against Gengar and Zwirrklop. Firestorm is good against Panzaeron, Gengar, and Metagross, making it a dangerous mixed-sweeper that many teams can't stop. CurseTalk can be used, but it is quite luck-dependent.

Snorlax is one of the most dangerous Pokémon in the game anyway. If Roaring no longer works, it can defeat entire teams single-handedly.

The scheme is easy to see through: Take a sensible Pokémon, give it a boost attack, plus a healing attack and two attacks that together are halfway effective against the entire spectrum of types. Pokémon that are very suitable for this are pokedex: Entei, Guardevoir, Celebi, Sumpex or Lahmus.


Conversely, you should also try to have a Pokémon on your team that acts as a counter against these Pokémon so that you don't lose in such a situation. The following tactics work safely:

A Pokémon that explodes should damage the enemy so badly that it can't do anything.
Trick band
A Simsala with a trick tape (combination of the trick trick attack and the item voting tape) gives the opponent a voting tape. This means that it can only use one attack and you can simply switch to a Pokémon that doesn't mind that attack much.
Swan song
The opponent can no longer change and is therefore defeated by swan song after 3 rounds. So all you have to do is buy time (for example with a protective shield or have more than 3 Pokémon left over.
Exit collar
If the opponent defeats your Pokémon, they will also be defeated. What is it supposed to do there? However, the Leaving Covenant Pokémon must be faster than its opponent!

There are a few more options, but they don't always work:

Psycho plus
This attack transfers the opponent's boosts to your own Pokémon. However, not every Psycho-Plus Pokémon can do something with the boost ...
Voting tape sweeper
Fast choice band sweepers often do enough damage to defeat the opponent in time.
Sleep and leech seeds
Let your opponent fall asleep. If he doesn't have a sleep talk and you then plant leech seeds for him, it becomes very uncomfortable. Kokowei and Bisaflor are recommended for such a task. Leech semen is too much for water Pokémon like Sumpex, Suicune or Lahmus even without a sleep attack ...