Will Zumba reduce belly fat

How to get rid of your belly fat!

I know! I should now name 3 exercises that you have to do 2 times a week for 1 minute each.

The 3-2-1 concept from The Fitness Guru :-)

I can already give you one thing on the way:

Be very skeptical if you read such headlines! Mostly dubious, sometimes even dangerous offers are hidden behind them.

This is how you can get rid of your belly fat

Are there any special ways to get rid of belly fat? *

Training *

With the help of the so-called Spot reduction (the precise fat reduction), you should be very targeted with special exercises such as the Belly fat get a grip. If only you have enough Crunshes do, your stomach just melts away. At least countless manufacturers suggest that something like this is possible. You can feel your stomach during training, so something will happen there too! Of course, something will happen there, but not in the fatty tissue! The vast majority of studies show that Spot reduction not possible. Ultimately, the industry also knows this fact very well and adds the often dubious one Abdominal trainers one Nutrition plan at.

Let's take a leisurely look at such a training session:

If you have your Abdominal muscles if you train, the muscle works, as the name suggests. The muscle needs energy, which it receives via certain mechanisms. However, it is not the case that he taps into the fat deposits in his immediate vicinity as a source of energy. Our organism draws from many sources from which energy can be obtained more easily. And even when these energy sources are running low and the fat reserves are finally being tackled, it is by no means said that this is happening on the stomach. There are also sources of fat that can be used on the thighs, buttocks, arms, etc. What remains is the local warming from muscle work. Sizzling away the fat! Put a sdf hot water bottle on your stomach, it is not so strenuous and has the same effect! Namely none.

But I have one bright spot. A real one! When you train the muscles under the fat, they build up, become firmer and take on shape. Of course, this shape is also transferred to the fat pads above. Quasi a self-made figure-maker sweater from below ;-)

Nutrition *

I'll be brief. In contrast to the widespread opinion that special exercises can specifically target the stomach, the matter in connection with nutrition is much more transparent for the person concerned. Eat broccoli and (JUST!) Your stomach is melting! Mmmh, it's easy to be puzzled ?!

How do you get rid of your belly fat now? I'll get to the point of what I said above! You can neither with special exercises nor with special food targeted fight your belly!

But that doesn't mean that you have to come to terms with Plauze.

The key to success *

Fat is our most important energy store for bad times. To noticeably lose fat, you have to have one Calorie deficit (you have to take in less energy than your body uses) produce. Your body is initially completely indifferent to whether you manage this deficit through diet, physical activity or a combination of both.

If you put your body in a calorie deficit, it gets exciting. Fat loss is subject to certain rules and of course ours play again Hereditary factors a very crucial role. Essentially, the genetic make-up determines whether the fat on the bottom, legs or stomach is used first as a source of energy.

So you will lose fat overall and, to a different extent, also on your stomach!

The fat that protrudes our belly is the so-called Gut fat (also called visceral fat). It's stored between our organs. Visceral fat responds very well to exercise and calorie deficit. In any case, this is extremely good news for all those suffering from beer belly, because exercise and nutrition can help you reach your first stage goal quickly. :-)

The fat that lies over the abdominal muscles is the so-called Subcutaneous fatty tissue (also called subcutaneous fat). This fat deposit is much smaller, but a lot more stubborn. Highly intensive training units à la HIIT have proven themselves here. Heavy and strenuous training with weights works just as well.

It gets particularly tough for girls with subcutaneous fat deposits on their legs and buttocks. Without a corresponding adjustment of the diet, there is little chance of doing anything good.

What is the recipe for less belly fat? *

Even if we are all not professional bodybuilders here and only a few strive for something like this, you can learn a lot from the boys and girls. Women in particular would be surprised which diets are based on the principles and experience of bodybuilders. We don't have to do everything so extreme!

As was to be expected, the fastest way is through a combination of different measures.

  1. Very low fat diet
  2. Intense and heavy weight training
  3. Cardio training (high-intensity interval training)

The nutrition almost completely dispenses with fats. A measure that in this form cannot be approved for everyone. It should have got around that fat is not the same as unhealthy! There are essential fats. In other words, fats that our body urgently needs and cannot produce itself.

So keep nuts, fatty fish and flaxseed oil etc. in the menu or include them.

At the same time you should screw up the protein content (Turkey, chicken, quark, tuna, protein shake) and largely avoid "bad" carbohydrates. If carbohydrates, then whole grains.

At the same time, it is important to include a lot of vegetables in the menu. The so-called Energy density (how much energy has a certain volume of a food) decreases, minerals and vitamins are supplied more. Be sure to take a close look at your drinking habits! Here it is usually very easy to find tasty substitutes for sugary lemonade beverages. The consumption of classic cola, classic soda and alcohol should be extremely restricted.

In the articles Knowing About Calories and What is a Realistic Goal for Losing Weight? you will find further information and tips on nutrition.

Intense strength training means that you have to challenge your muscles despite a calorie deficit. What the body does not need, it breaks down. So train with a heavy weight (Hypertrophy; 8-12 repetitions) to make your body realize that the muscles are still needed.

Bodybuilders usually do their cardio training in the morning on an empty stomach. You can do it, but it's also rather extreme.

A training session of high intensity interval training could look like this for us:

10 times the sequence:

  • Sprint for 30 seconds
  • 60 seconds of trotting

Make sure to try spinning or indoor cycling. Used correctly, you can cycle the fat away very quickly!

The bottom line is 15 minutes of exercise. Just enough that fat deposits are effectively tackled, but muscles are only attacked to a minimal extent.

Overall you should 2-3 strength training units and 2 HIIT units
per week To run. If you manage to create a calorie deficit of 500 kcal per day through food, the fat just melts away. Together with the higher energy requirement due to training, you have a deficit of approx. 1000 kcal per day. That means about 1 kg of fat per week!

Again, I refer to the article What is a realistic goal for weight loss?

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