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Wiki: Cooperation on the Web, Issue 2
by Anja Ebersbach

Synopsis: A book about wikis! Man needs that. Because with Wiki technology, many people can freely work together - they can even build very large works in the intellectual field. You see: We still admire our huge church buildings, which were built over centuries, required immense labor and often bore the cultural stamp of all of their origins. Somebody just has to start by putting stone on stone and making the people around them yearn to help out a little. Where such enthusiastic people help and donate material, great things can arise. Where do they stay away? A small ruin remains or it takes the iron will of the pharaoh, an army of drivers, the sweat of a people and a mountain of gold. This is also how great things come about - the pyramids: a clear concept, no mix of styles, pure will. These are two very different ways. One: people lovingly build something together out of longing for everyone. Der anre: A will manages diverse resources for a planned goal. Wikis are tools with which many people with a minimum of organization, planning, money and time constraints can work on something together and communicate with one another across shared computers or the Internet. Wikis are the technology for the first way volunteers with a common idea. This book introduces you to wikis and gives you enough tools to create your own wiki, your own work platform.