Why is overpopulation good

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Hello everyone,
OK. - is a stupid title but experience has shown that something like that arouses curiosity, doesn't it?
My problem - if it is one:
Last weekend I bought a complete basin 120x50x40 (WxHxD) used.
The pool still had the trimmings that the owner usually wanted to dump in the toilet - he must have made a mistake in his hobby ...
Now my population looks like this:

approx. 25 red neons
4 Siamese trunk barbel
2 taillights tetra (were as "rest in the acquired pool)
2 adult blue male catfish (from the new tank goes to the zoo dealer)
7 young blue catfish from May, gender still unclear
1 young angel from June (my old stock)
2 older angelfish approx. 2 years old (adopted)
2 armored catfish

Well, that should be it.
The angelfish fight a little and the big ones hunt the small antenna catfish but otherwise they don't cause any trouble.

Nevertheless, I am not sure whether the whole thing with the large angelfish will go well in the long term.

The new catfish man first challenged the existing territory, I fear that there could be trouble there too.

So I want to hand over the one catfish man and possibly the two angelfish and a few of the young animals.

On Thursday I will rebuild the tanks, then the fish will all come out, so if anyone is interested ...
I live in Korschenbroich, which is near Mönchengladbach.

Now the question for the experts:
25 red neon
4 Siamese trunk barbs
2 taillights tetra (were as "rest in the acquired pool)
1 blue male catfish
2-3 young blue catfish from May
1 young angelfish
2 older angelfish about 2 years old ????
2 armored catfish
is that ok for the above pool?

Thanks for your suggestions

Greetings Thomas

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