How could I generate new leads

Lead generation: 6 strategies that will increase your leads by 113%

Without leads, your company is sure to fail.

Leads are your brand's best customers and ambassadors if you play your cards right. Sure, a company has some important goals, but 66% of all organizational tasks revolve around lead generation.

Marketers, especially B2C marketers, rely on several methods to get leads.

However, often these methods do not produce results that can be relied on. If you've spent a lot of time creating content in the hopes of reaching the right prospects, but still have no results, it can be very daunting. But remember: you are not alone.

At one point in my content marketing career, I also struggled to generate leads.

Today I want to introduce you to tried and tested tips and tricks for generating leads that will increase your leads by 113%.

What do your customers want? If you are able to answer this question and put the answer into a landing page, you can generate leads continuously. Increasing your leads is always easier when you focus your attention on synchronizing your landing page with other marketing channels.

Regardless of which channel you use, HubSpots statistics have found that networking strategies generate 54% more leads than traditional marketing. This also means that generating the right content is a high priority.

Once you decide to adopt this mindset and approach, you can use these lead generation tricks to help your leads grow faster.

Tip # 1: Lead generation starts with you - check the message on your homepage

For most marketers, their home page gets the most visits. Tandberg has increased lead generation by 50% since joining Cisco, a leader in telecommunications, with a simple homepage call-to-action that blends with other elements such as header, subtitle, and images.

If you actively promote your site, your homepage will get more visitors from linked sites, social media, search engines and other sources.

Nick Neubanks generated over 100,000 visits per month and most of them landed directly on the homepage.

Stuart J. Davidson shares how he has had 140,753 page visits in the twelve months since he restarted his blog in November 2013. Since then, his homepage has received enormous amounts of traffic. Don't you think reviewing and tweaking your homepage message would generate more leads?

I am convinced that it will work. Alex Chris, founder of Digital Marketing Pro, says one of the areas he improved was the home page, which resulted in over 400,000 visitors per month to his site. That also led to several thousand leads!

It showed five sticky posts, along with a list of recent posts. In addition, he has placed an area with “must-reads” on the sidebar, which is important if you want to help visitors to find the best content. This is what Chris’s homepage looks like:

Although the sidebar appears on almost every WordPress theme page, you can only use it on the homepage if you like.

On the other hand, you have to make sure that the message of your site and your offer fit together when you place an offer (e.g. an e-book, a report or a software) on the homepage.

The two messages shouldn't contradict each other so that visitors don't get confused when they visit your homepage.

Just take a look at The home page header and call-to-action elements use the same keyword “traffic”. When users visit this home page, they instantly understand what the site is all about and how Brian Dean can help them:

Another example of a homepage that conveys a uniform message is the Big Brand System. This blog is about branding and nothing else.

Annotation: The purpose of this area is to help you align the website message with the goals of your entire company. This means that if your business involves car repairing, the concept and offer on your website should match.

Unbounce shows the message across the entire homepage. It's all about creating a landing page, publishing, testing, and optimizing it to generate the best leads possible.

Tip # 2: Link your web seminar directly to your content

A web seminar (webinar) is a relatively cheap method to offer your target group useful help, because they asked for it when they registered.

A small consulting firm used webinars to generate over 100 new, qualified leads for six casual meetings that resulted in negotiations for $ 50,000 worth of benefits.

52% of all marketers believe that webinars and seminars are the most effective method for generating targeted leads.

If you host a webinar and link it directly to your content, your leads will take you more seriously because you provided them with content before you asked them to register.

This differs from a webinar landing page, which does not offer the user much added value.

The image below shows how Quality Matters linked their webinar landing page in their Success Stories.

The challenge most people who host a webinar face is getting enough users to register. You can also boost your registrations if you link directly to register for your webinars. Uberflip knows how to invite blog readers to register for future seminars. Here is an example:

If you're still not using webinars to generate leads for your business, you should start today. - Lewis Howes

When people interact with one another, magical things can happen.

Commitment is the real reason to skip webinars. According to Adobe, the average attendance time for a 60-minute webinar is 54 minutes. This length of stay is determined by the ease of registration, the topic and whether the participant stays on during the Q & As.

If you want to take your lead generation to the next level, you should consider hosting a webinar. Successful internet marketers know the strengths of a well-planned webinar.

You can generate leads, nurture them, and build a thriving business. All of this only through webinars. According to a recent survey by ReadyTalk, 30% -40% of all webinar attendees become leads.

Webinars have been KISSmetrics' most successful strategy for growing visitor numbers. The number of visitors rose to 518,399 and leads to 16,394, with 77 webinars.

There's no doubt that bringing the right people together on a common platform increases trust, leads, and ultimately sales. Regardless of what industry you work in, you should keep in mind that people are shaped by a feeling of togetherness.

Everyone wants to learn from the experts.

You don't have to influence anyone to run a successful webinar.

The most important factor in increasing user loyalty is the benefit for the seminar participant.

In fact, around 38% of course participants will continue to attend your webinar if the topic is interesting and they can see clear results in the company and in their lives.

If you're a B2B marketer, webinars, aside from word of mouth, are one of the most effective ways to generate leads. When you bring people together to educate them, you will generate leads.

Anyway, the webinar has to be part of your content. Of course, your blog readers, email subscribers, and customers will build an emotional bond with your content. If they read your messages expect you to be interested in solving their problems.

Blogging is a great way to build trust. If you want to motivate more people to register, then reserve a place for them and attend the webinar yourself. This is how you create trust. A blog would be useful at this point.

The importance of webinars in the sales process cannot be ignored as most companies use it to drive sales.

The more interesting and useful your blog posts are, the better. Consequently, it is a sign of willingness to perform when you link to your WebInar. It will certainly not occur to you that you just want to make some quick money.

When you have the trust and attention of your participants, you can recommend a product or service to them. It is your duty to qualify your leads as such and to track their buying habits. During the webinar, every stage of the sales process is important.

You can sell products as usual, but there is a smarter way if you keep your brand and reputation in mind. You don't want to risk anything that could damage the reputation of your brand or separate you from your subscribers.

This is how you can sell your products during a webinar.

i) Welcome questions: For every webinar we host, both on KISSmetrics and QuickSprout, we usually keep 30 minutes open for questions.

This is a great way to let your students know that you are interested in them, not their money. It creates a strong bond that leads to useful leads and customers in the long run.

ii) Make yourself useful before asking for something: Whether you're running a webinar, blogging, or speaking at an event, you need to offer tangible help before you can think of a sale or any other act that will push your attendees out of their comfort zone.

Train your participants. Use interesting stories methodically to approach them. Address the questions that pop up in their minds. You can then promote your product as it can actually help them take steps forward.

iii) Use surveys: Surveys can promote customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction. Polls are simple questions that look something like this:

Through a survey, Tomson found that nearly 60% of marketers plan to increase their marketing budgets.

Similarly, you can use polls during your webinar. In the course of the seminar, we collect responses from participants to our surveys. Our most common question is:

  • Are you interested in a product demonstration?

Since we use GoToWebinar, it's easy for us to see the participant reports that highlight their core interests. You can then incorporate the report into your sale to customize the listing and encourage action that will maximize your sales.

iv) During registration, ask people if they want to try your product: At KISSmetrics, we've found that our biggest sales are generated by those people who sign up during the seminar. Before closing the registration, we usually ask:

  • Are you interested in the trial version of our product?

Offering a product demo results in 10% more conversions than a free sample.

v) Make them an irresistible offer: If you want to make more sales or generate more leads, you need to make your students an offer they can't refuse. If your offer is great, over time you will see that your increased sales conversion rate will hover between 5% and 60%.

Remember, if you offer a product during your webinar, you have to brand the slides of your presentation. In other words, you have to include your company logo, colors and symbols in your presentation in a clearly visible manner.

If you do that, your brand will stay in the minds of the participants. It's a priceless and efficient way to get sales when you need it.

vi) Exclusive content: Another proven way to sell your products during a webinar is to offer exclusive content. This could be, for example, your new training video on YouTube or a chapter in your unpublished book.

To grow your business and support passionate customers and attendees who have proven themselves to be reliable over time, you need to provide them with new premium content.

This is rare, exclusive content that offers enormous added value.

It means that users cannot find this content anywhere else, not even with a Google search. Running a webinar and providing it with links from your posts is one of the ten most effective ways to promote premium content.

According to Ascend 2, a webinar is different from a blog post, video or podcast.

If you compare all of the lead generation tactics with one another, webinars for digital marketers are the second most effective way to offer premium content.

You should especially devote yourself to your webinars on your homepage, and link to links to old and new webinars in your content. Our main page is now responsible for 20% of the monthly seminar leads.

Don't forget the purpose of this area. It's not about offering a webinar, but about linking to old and future webinars from your content in order to establish contact with your new blog visitors and thus build a customer relationship.

Or, as Ivan Gaye would say:

Something magical will happen if you continuously provide your participants with real benefits and thus ensure a constant supply of leads - your sales increase and your company transforms into something meaningful.

If you want to get more people to sign up for your webinar, you need to team up with influential bloggers and improve your homepage as this is the site that generates the most visits.

You should also blog about your webinar and link the landing page from your blog. Of course, you shouldn't forget to market your webinar on social media either. Also, don't be shy about using paid advertising or having your webinars advertised by keynote speakers.

Mentioning high-quality webinars or linking them from your own content makes you an industry expert who is interested in the well-being of your users. Some marketers who use this technique have been very successful with it. Kamila Gornia generated 1,500 hot leads and 100 customers in just two weeks, all without advertising. Find out more here:

Tip # 3: Use Google as a login

You should use Google as your login as this will allow you to personalize your efforts. Effective marketing can be implemented effectively if you look at and address your customers individually, rather than as a group. That's why SugarCRM and Trello believe in connecting with individuals.

Flickr has over 112 million users because it allows its users to log in with their Yahoo accounts. Check it out for yourself:

Most digital companies are not yet using this lead generation trick. The fact is that Google is popular and most bloggers, content marketers, and online entrepreneurs have a Google account.

The social world has made us comfortable all over the world. Our names, addresses, phone numbers and more are stored on sites that we trust, such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. This has made it possible for marketers to provide a flexible and easy sign-up service.

You can get more customers by limiting the information required to register. This is how successful businesses are made. This can work for you too.

In this day and age, you don't have to ask for a lot of information before your prospects become qualified leads. It's better if they don't have to fill out a long form before you can get in touch with them.

Since all personal data is available on sites like Facebook or Google, all you have to do is ask your users to log in to these sites. On Pinterest, for example, you can also log in with Facebook.

Since Pinterest began using this strategy, they have increased their number of users. Pinterest now has over 50 billion "Pins" and millions of active, loyal users.

Vimeo, a social media platform for sharing videos, also allows you to log in with Facebook. The personal information comes from the users' Facebook accounts, which significantly simplifies the registration process.

Using Google is one of the best lead generation tricks. A few months ago I used this technique on my own QuickSprout homepage.

I just asked users to sign up with Google and it increased my leads tremendously.My registration looked like this a few months ago:

Comment: One of the reasons Google has billions of users is that you can log into Google Analytics, Youtube, Google Drive, Google Docs, Blogger and many more with your Google account (Gmail).

In the same way, other digital companies allow you to sign in using Google, Facebook or other popular social media platforms. Registering via such an API is one of the most important tips for generating leads.

Tip # 4: Specialization: Separate your lead-generating team from your sales team

If you want to convert your visitors to your landing page, you need to test the elements of your landing page regularly, including header, caption, bullet point, call-to-action, and more.

A study shows that 57% of all companies lack the skills to improve the appearance of their websites. You have to test them out before your site works properly. A / B tests are not negotiable.

But there is one aspect of your content marketing strategy that you need to set limits on. You have to separate the team that generates leads and the team that leads the sales process.

One trick to increase lead generation 113% is “specialization”.

What does that mean?

In the classic, Is It Wise To Specialize?, the author John O’Sullivan shares the powerful factor of specialization with a child and shows how early specialized sport can influence the athletic performance of the child.

O’Sullivan notes that we tend to do more. Life itself takes us to our limits and beyond. But we have to learn to specialize, find a niche and look for areas in which our strengths lie.

Consolidate your strengths and work on eliminating your weaknesses.

When it comes to lead management, it is an especially important aspect of running a successful online businessSeparate your lead generation team and sales team.

According to Marketo, lead generation describes the marketing process to stimulate and generate interest in a product or service in order to develop a sales pipeline.

On the other hand, the sales team is busy exchanging goods and services for money - the act of selling.

As you can see, generating leads is not about selling. Conversely, the sales team is not good at generating leads as this aspect needs to be coordinated and mastered by the lead generation team.

After the sale, the sales team must also take responsibility for ensuring that the customer has an excellent experience with the product so that they continue to be a customer.

Retaining customers is important if the company is to thrive. According to Bain & Company, profit increases by 25% up to 95% if customer loyalty can be increased by 5%.

Don't just worry about attracting customers, keeping customers is even more important.

Every marketing practice requires a different mindset. This is how the lead generation team has to make their product known.

They also inspire, explain and convince the interested party to act. The sales team, on the other hand, is responsible for increasing the company's revenue.

If you are a B2B marketer and your company wants to outperform the competition, then you can improve your customer acquisition and loyalty. Fulcrum has helped one of its customers, a leading blood glucose meter manufacturer, get 6.5 million active customers, generating $ 40 million in annual revenue.

Quality brands like CineWorld have a team for every marketing activity. When Cineworld wanted to increase its loyalty and moviegoers, they decided to check their affinity loyalty card.

Since working with Atos, Cineworld has had a complete solution for managing current customers, attracting new customers, introducing membership cards and generating new revenue streams.

Cineworld is very specialized, as are Facebook, AT&T, AirBnB and a few other brands. This enables them to attract thousands of new customers every day.

Limelight Department knows how to specialize. It's always been the main reason their customers are happy.

Limelight American helped Concealed increase their customer conversion rate by 9% overnight. American Concealed uses the same budget for both advertising and marketing, but the results are so good because of their specializations.

Remember, the reason to separate the lead generation team from the sales team is to increase customer satisfaction.

This is where the added value lies.

If your customers are dissatisfied, they switch to the competition. In addition, Salesforce found that 91% of highly satisfied customers recommend the company to a friend.

Tip # 5: Use gripping verbs to write headlines that will grab attention

A verb is a “do” word or, better yet, an action word.

If you want to leave a lasting impression with your text, you have to generate attention with verbs. But first, answer this question:

What makes a headline powerful?

Is it the structure, length, topic, keywords and verbs used that appear in a heading? Each of these factors can and should generate attention and persuade readers to click.

If you put effort into writing headlines, you will not only generate targeted leads, it will also give you the opportunity to improve your search engine ranking enormously, as fewer visitors will leave your site.

Copywriters all over the world know about effectiveness in good headline. That's why Ted Nicholas believes that 73% of all buying decisions are made after reading the headline. Eight out of ten people click a heading when it gets their attention. So what can you do with your headlines?

Regardless of the platform - social media networks, your blog and others, (if you're guest posting), or any other content that drives your leads - you need to make sure your headline has strong verbs. According to Wikieducator, you have to put muscle into your text.

A strong verb is a specific, descriptive verb that is used when writing. Strong verbs are used to convey a direct message. You always have to keep in mind that we live in a rapidly changing world.

It's all about fast internet, fast websites and fast food. We want everything and we want it now. We don't have time to wait. Now imagine how patient your target group will be if your text doesn't get straight to the point or doesn't offer any immediate added value.

So how can strong verbs improve your writing?

Using strong verbs in the headline will make you a better writer. Your texts will be concise and clear. This is exactly what your potential customer wants from you. Here is an example of a weak verb in one sentence:

Although the sentence is spelled correctly, it conveys a weak message. We can remove “go” and replace it with a strong verb. The question you should be asking yourself is: How does she go to school? Is she crawling, walking or cycling?

Let's improve the sentence by using a strong verb:

  • you moves to school.
  • youjumps to school.

In the same way, you should replace the weak verbs in your headings with strong verbs. In this way you convey your message with more conviction.

Examples of strong verbs:

  • To care
  • break up
  • Improve
  • Increase
  • Revive
  • To change
  • Enlarge
  • Accelerate
  • Attack
  • Focus
  • Write
  • Drive
  • Engage

I always use strong verbs in my blog headings. Check out one of my recent posts:

I'm not the only one who uses the power of strong verbs. Content marketers like Brian Clark, or even the entire Copybloggerer media team, use strong verbs to write headings that are not to be overlooked. Look at it:

Seth Godin, famous author of over fifteen bestselling books, uses strong verbs to write his blog posts. You can see it here:

Comment: Strong verbs in the headline won't increase your leads by 113% on their own. But you can create concise, clear, and compelling headlines so that your readers and potential customers understand your message.

Using strong verbs in the headings of landing pages, blogs, and other text will increase your conversion rate, especially if you test them out beforehand.

CityCliq, a company that sells cheap, search engine optimized websites for entrepreneurs, also used an A / B test for a while. They used VWO software to test four different versions of their landing page headline.

  • Businesses grow faster online!
  • Online advertising that works!
  • Be found faster!
  • Create a website for your company

At the end of the A / B test, the fourth header, which conveys a direct, understandable and concise message, trumped the other headers and resulted in a 90% increase in conversion rates.

In addition to using strong verbs, you need to pay attention to the length of the headings. Long headers tend to be forgotten or ignored altogether.

According to a new report from the Guardians, an international news agency that has been writing headlines for decades, 8-word headings generate 21% more clicks than longer headings.

If you can't think of an eight-word headline, you can try five to nine word headings. A study by the Nielsen Norman Group has shown that this position also leads to more clicks. W.The next time you write a headline, make sure you are using strong verbs.

It improves your writing style and arouses the reader's curiosity.

Tip # 6: Use an irresistible offer and spread it across entire blog communities

Ultimately, you want people to say “yes” to your offer. As a marketer, that's exactly what we want.

Dean Rieck shared six ways to get people to say "yes". It depends on whether you have an exceptionally good and useful offer. This simple formula explains it better:

Excellent offer + persuasiveness = irresistibility

If you're having trouble growing your leads, it could be because your offer isn't convincing.It's not irresistible.


How do you recognize an irresistible offer? Chris Guillebeau shares his point of view:

A convincing offer is like a piece of orange at kilometer 29. It's like a marriage proposal from the man or woman of your dreams. An irresistible offer like that $ 20,000 Bonderman Scholarship that theUniversity of Washington caters to their students every year.

You want users to download your latest e-book, read your e-mails and say “yes” to your webinars or premium products on Amazon.

An irresistible offer will help you attract and retain new customers. All you have to do is apply the irresistible offer rules as described by Jonathan Mead, founder of Paid to Exist

Remember that useful, exclusive, and relevant offers are desirable.

People want it.

In 2004, Google started the private beta of its email service (Gmail). Only 1,000 users were invited to give their honest opinions. The chosen ones were also able to invite their fans, friends and family to test the e-mail service.

Guess what happened during Gmail's beta? Exactly, the demand was enormous because only an exclusive group - not the whole world - could test the service.

At that point, Google started selling its Gmail service. On eBay, the invitations to the service were even sold for $ 150 and other special accounts were offered for thousands of dollars.

Isn't it funny that a free email service sells for $ 150 or more just because it's exclusive, robust, and touted by people in leadership roles? That is the power of an irresistible offer. When you offer one, your customers and prospects see the gap between their problems and your solution.

If you're looking for a compelling deal, let an example help you - let's say you've written a report that helps people save money on airline tickets.

People share their success stories of how they saved $ 200, $ 380, or $ 350. This enables many other people to purchase cheaper airline tickets as well.

As you can see, the report is compelling and helps with practical advice that works. In this case, the length of the report does not matter. Even if it's only two pages, the irresistible offer attracts anyone looking to save money on airline tickets.

Domino’s Pizza also has an irresistible offering. Tom Monaghan was on the brink of bankruptcy as he pondered how to save his company. It was a risk, but his idea changed everything: 30 minutes or less ... or you get it for free.

Most people only order Domino’s pizza based on these conditions, even though they have not offered this guarantee for a long time.

BlueHost also delivers irresistible deals. Their web hosting service starts at $ 3.49 a month, although other competitors like A Small Orange, Godaddy, and Hostgator start at $ 4 a month.

You might not see the difference, but for a newbie just getting started on their site, it'll be compelling if they can save some money. Your compelling offer has to be something that people want.

In the same way - you can get more email subscribers if your lead magnet is useful enough, exclusive and free. A typical example is Michael Hyatt’s:

In order to distinguish between weak and irresistible offers, you have to test it. Robert W. Bly, author of the book "How to Create Irresistible Offers“Says that it is possible to increase responses to an advertisement by 10% - 90% by creating and trying different offers.

Derek Halpern uses a powerful lead magnet to convince people to sign up for his email list. Because most people don't like popups, as they are mostly just annoying and annoying while reading, he makes a daring promise to get readers to react, especially new visitors.

At the end of the day, the way people take your offer is what determines whether they turn into leads or more. A recognizable benefit can turn your offer into a lead magnet. For example, you could state the value of the offer if you are giving something away.

That way, people will be thrilled to get the product, even if all they care about is its value. This is how QuickSprout does it:

See also:


Don't let any good looking lead generation tool screw you up. Use tools for the right reason

Keep in mind that creating leads and loyalty will take a while.

Building a strong company takes a lot of time. You have to use strength and energy and move outside of your comfort zone.

You have to deliver data-driven content to nurture your leads. If you want to minimize your effort, you have to repurpose your content and expand your reach in order to find new leads.

You won't increase your leads 113% in a week, but if you are consistent, you can master this milestone.

Lead generation tricks are no magic without a basis. On the contrary, they are proven, and many successful brands and business leaders are using them to attract more leads and convert them into customers.

The satisfaction comes from the new knowledge that you acquire during the process if you use the tips and tricks for lead generation.

It's the same with increasing sales. You have to be willing to learn because your customers believe in you and you cannot afford to listen to outdated advice.

What other lead generation tricks worked for you? Share your case studies, questions and opinions with us.