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# play14 @oose - crazy, fun and educational

At the weekend the time had come: the 20th # play14 took place on the oose.campus. Forty enthusiastic participants gathered, played, tried out and had fun on our premises. The participants tried out, passed on and refined a large number of educational games.

Friday evening 6 pm: The # play14 organizers get the participants in the mood for the next 2 days with warm-up exercises and a special kind of ice breaker. Afterwards it was clear that the weekend would take place under the motto “Having fun learning”.

The educational games were usually related to certain problems that we encounter in our complex and fast-moving environment. Be it supporting communication (Graphical Facilitation), finding creative solutions (Design Thinking) or making it easier for people to come together.

Time and again I am fascinated by how well games are suitable for converting knowledge into ability. This happens with such ease that I can hardly imagine that there is still such a large amount of dull frontal training.

That is why we at oose also rely on interactive and sometimes playful elements to make it easier for the participants to learn new knowledge and skills over the long term. From continuous case studies with specific problems to Lego Serious Play®, we offer a wide range of learning games in our seminars.

If you are about to have a training course and want to learn new things with ease, then take a look at our range of training courses.

You can find information about # play14 here and on Twitter # play14 under the hashtag # play14 and on Facebook # play14 Facebook.