Why did you feel disgusted today?

9 signs you may have met a love from a past life

This unique affection and an incredible bond are true signs that you have met your love from your past life.

We meet a lot of people in our everyday life (unless you decide to leave it all behind and live in the woods) - some good, some bad and some who confuse us, and then we meet someone who is one The volcano of joy breaks out in us.

It's like we've known her for ages, even though you've only just met. You feel an instant connection, an overwhelming sense of familiarity.

You feel that you don't even have to speak to understand each other, your souls seem to be connected.

Well, you may have just met your past life partner.

Signs that you met a love from your past life

1) You feel an instant connection

In meeting different people you may have felt different emotions, some may have made you happy while others made you feel confused and disgusted, but when you meet your past life love you feel an instant connection.

All of the pain and suffering that you have been through seem to go away and you can feel the bond between you growing stronger. You feel like you can melt into them right away.

Sometimes the connection is so deep that you almost know what they're going to say next. It's like you've known her for ages, even though you only just met.

2) Time seems to fly by with them

Time, space, and everything about reality seem to vanish while you are together. You may feel like you've just met and shared the latest news while 5 hours have passed.

When you are with them you are not paying attention to time or even reality. You just want to be in this moment and secretly wish that time would stand still right there.

You feel so involved and connected that you just forget the time and just lose yourself in the now, in the moment.

3) You share everything with them

You're so comfortable with them that you just pour your heart out to them. You know that you can tell them anything and still they won't judge you.

You feel heard and understood, they hang on your lips and listen to listen, not to contradict or respond, so you feel good and important.

You feel comfortable with them and say what is on your heart and soul and when you do that you feel much more alive. You share your fears, insecurities, past, future, secrets - everything without hesitation.

4) They feel like home

You finally feel understood and accepted for who you really are. You can be your true self with them and still not be judged.

In fact, you are loved for that, they take you in your purest form. You feel as if you and she know you to the core of your soul. When you look at her you see comfort, a home.

Feeling at home is the feeling you get when you can be who you are and know that nobody will judge you, you feel good in your own skin.

The past life love we meet makes us feel the same. We don't have to pretend, our mask, which we wear in front of everyone, can be taken off and you come out, with all your insecurities and vulnerabilities, and yet you feel good.

5) You have butterflies in your stomach when you meet them

A volcano of emotions breaks out in us when we meet this person. When you see them you feel like you see them forever and you are overwhelmed in a good way. You immediately decide that you are not going to let go of this person.

6) You have shared memories of the past life

It feels like déjà vu, you share shared memories of your past life. You're going somewhere and suddenly you both feel like you've been here before.

You may often remember living or working together in the past life. The memories seem vivid and you are often confused as to whether it is a dream or a memory because you know you did not experience those moments with this person.

7) You have a deep spiritual connection.

Your connection transcends the physical world, it is not limited to the three dimensions, but something much larger.

You feel connected on a spiritual level, a deep connection of your souls. You are absolutely comfortable expressing yourself in front of this person as the connection you feel with them is not only physical, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual.

You don't always need words to communicate, sometimes you can talk for hours or say nothing at all and still be understood.

Only by being close to her can you feel this vibration, this connection. The bond keeps you both connected and you know in some dimension you are both always together.

8) You feel beautiful with this person.

With her you are who you are and that is the real beauty. You feel accepted for who you are, it makes you feel elated and you feel beautiful for who you are.

By meeting her, you will not only find her but yourself, you will feel like you have just awakened from a deep sleep. The space inside you feels light, you feel more alive than ever and you love your real self.

They open up another realm within you, you feel sublime and your mind now feels much lighter. You find the world around you meaningful and beautiful.

9) You have never felt such a powerful connection.

You are shaken to the core by its existence, a feeling you have never felt before. You try to remember if you've ever been so in awe of someone, but you can't think of anything.

You are not the same person after you meet her, the love of your past life is your soul mate and your soul mate makes you and your life better; not everyone has the power to make this change.