What screams I live in Bakersfield CA.


There are numerous young, modern cities on the west coast of the USA. One of these is Bakersfield in sunny California. The centrally located city offers music lovers and families in particular numerous excursion destinations and activities. As the seat of "Kern County", there is intensive agriculture in and around Bakersfield, so that the entire urban and rural area offers a lot of variety in its exterior.

Geographical location of Bakersfield

Bakersfield is located in the heart of California and therefore close to the west coast of the USA. Although there is no direct sea connection, the young city can be reached in various ways. If visitors drive to the city by car, all they have to do is drive along Interstate 5 and turn into Bakersfield at the intersection of State Highways 58 and 99. The city also has a connection to the locally located Meawos Field Airport or BFL. The airport is mainly used for domestic flights. The distance between downtown Bakersfield and Meawos Field Airport is only eight miles. If travelers prefer train travel, the San Joaquin Route transports them directly into the city. With regard to bus travel, there is the option of taking a ride on the Golden Empire Transit, which goes directly to Bakersfield.

Top 5 Attractions in Bakersfield

Since Bakersfield is a comparatively young city with numerous opportunities for activities, it has above all modern sights and attractions. Travelers with a taste for archeology and history can still discover one or the other interesting place in the city. As the seat of "Kern County", the city has a wide variety of museums, parks and institutions that reflect the specifics of the area. In addition to hotels and restaurants such as Bakersfield Nashville and Bakersfield Indianapolis, the following five attractions particularly stand out.

Kern County Museum

The Kern County Museum primarily provides insight into oil production around Bakersfield. The actual museum, which is housed in an authentic historical building, contains a collection of artefacts and fossils. Around the museum building, visitors have access to an oil rig and the so-called "Black Gold" museum. This is not an actual museum, but a collection of various historical buildings, starting with log cabins to hotels, which have been implemented in a historically accurate manner. The individual buildings can be explored on foot and viewed from inside and outside. Due to the large area and different building types, the Kern County Museum appeals to history fans, families and vacationers at the same time.

California Area Living Museum (CALM)

The CALM, California Area Living Museum, shows California's wildlife up close. Although the facility has the title Museum in its name, CALM is a zoo with a wide variety of animal species from the region. A special highlight is the light show, which is activated on occasions such as Christmas. Separate light installations are distributed across the entire zoo, showing a wide variety of motifs to match the event. The zoo also has its own playground where children and families can play to their hearts' content.

Fox theater

The Fox Theater was known and loved as a quintessentially American-style cinema. In the classic style cinema theater, however, not only films are shown in the meantime. Various events such as comedy shows and performances by bands and musicians take place regularly in the Fox Theater. The entire range of events can be accessed on site or via the Internet. Especially at night, the building has a typical old American cinema look, which attracts numerous visitors.

Murray Family Farms

Murray Family Farms is a Bakersfield-based fruit and vegetable store and hotel. The shop offers a large selection of different types of fruit and vegetables from the region. Visitors can view, taste and buy freshly picked local fruits and vegetables. In addition, all visitors have the chance to take part in a tractor tour along the fields and get to know the farming life of California. Visitors can also independently harvest selected types of fruit and vegetables directly on the farm.

The Park at River Walk

The Park at River Walk is a park located in the heart of Bakersfield. In the middle of the park there are two lakes, which are connected by the eponymous river. The park offers numerous design options for your own leisure time. In addition to picnic areas, visitors can also practice sports such as jogging, softball and volleyball or take a bike tour through the park. The park also has its own playground and an outdoor theater.

The story of Bakersfield

Bakersfield's history is 8,000 years old. Even before the city was founded, several small groups of gatherers and hunters lived in the southern part of the San Joaquin Valley. In 1776, Father Francisco Garcés was the first European to survey the area. The first settlements followed in 1858. Several families settled in the California area. Colonel Thomas Baker, one of the first settlers, gave the city its current name.

The city developed quickly. In 1871 she already had a telegraph station and several shops. In 1873 it was named the county seat of Kern County. In 1898 the city officially received the status of a municipality. When City Hall was destroyed in the July 21, 1952 earthquake, the building was replaced by Bakersfield City Hall. Today the offices of the mayor and the members of the city council are located in the City Hall. From 1970 the population grew rapidly, making Bakersfield one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Today Bakersfield is best known for its economy and oil production.

The population of Bakersfield

Around 350,000 people live in Bakersfield. Almost 45 percent of the population has a Hispanic background, with the proportion of so-called Latinos growing steadily. Asians and Afro-Americans are only represented as minorities. Most of Bakersfield's population live in their own households, with nearly half of the households being families with children. The median age in Bakersfield is 30 years. However, the proportion of people with higher education is very low, as only 15 percent of Bakersfield residents have a university degree.

Climate in Bakersfield

Bakersfield has a Mediterranean climate due to its proximity to the sea. The summers are very hot and have little rainfall. The daytime temperatures in the summer months are often 30 degrees and higher. In July and August even maximum values ​​of 48 degrees can be reached. The Mediterranean climate also has an impact on winter. The temperature rarely falls below 10 degrees between November and February, although temperatures of 20 degrees are normal for the time of year. In addition, frost occurs very rarely. Bakersfield's rainy season is between November and April. Most of the annual precipitation falls during these months. Summer, on the other hand, is dry with an average of ten to twelve hours of sunshine per day.

The economy in Bakersfield

Bakersfield's economy benefits significantly from the area's rich oil reserves. Oil was discovered early in Bakersfield, which is still being produced today. Kern County produces around ten percent of all oil in the USA, making Bakersfield and the surrounding area one of the most important production regions in the USA. In addition to oil, Bakersfield also benefits from its agriculture. Bakersfield is part of the San Joaquin Valley, which in turn is the fifth most productive agricultural area in the entire United States. At the same time, a wide variety of production and sales companies have settled in Bakersfield due to the low land prices and good location. Locally made products include ice cream, vacuum cleaners, highway paint, and stick carts.