Is immunology a growing professional field

Soil protection

Tried-and-tested teaching units and various work materials, along with a handout, are structured. The materials were developed at the Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde in Görlitz and may be used and passed on free of charge for school and extracurricular lessons.



In its online journal ETHOTEACH, the Ethologische Gesellschaft e.V. provides scientifically sound, interesting and modern materials for teaching on the topics of behavior, evolution, ecology and biodiversity.

Biological Diversity

As part of the UN Decade on Biological Diversity, teaching and learning materials on the topic have been created that are aimed at different age groups (Kindergaten to Skundar) and address not only school but also extracurricular contexts. You can find it here.

Genes and genetic engineering

The portal of the Swiss SimplyScience Foundation aims to encourage children and young people to understand scientific and technical questions in an entertaining and simple, animated way, including knowledge from the world of genes and genetic engineering, and offers documents on how to deal with ethical aspects in class.

Genome editing


The GENOMXPRESS SCHOLÆ offers current topics from science in a form that can be used directly in the classroom. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds the GENOMXPRESS SCHOLÆ as well as the research projects presented. The GENOMXPRSS SCHOLÆ is available in both printed and digital form (pdf) and is given free of charge.

More information here

brain research

The knowledge portal explains neurobiological school knowledge in an understandable and clear way. The contributions are citable and reflect the latest research. They are made by expert science journalists and verified by scientists.


The German Society for Immunology (DGfI) is promoting the population's awareness of immunology with the “Immunology for Everyone” initiative.

Microbiology - from our member VAAM!

The VAAM offers information on the subject of "What is microbiology?" at.

Renewable raw materials

An overview of (partly chargeable) teaching materials on renewable raw materials is available from the Agency for Renewable Raw Materials.


The Neuroscientific Society offers documents for teacher training in the field of neurosciences.
The NWG also offers free nationwide advanced training events for teachers in the upper secondary school.

Plant research

The makers of have put together learning materials, suggestions for discovering nature and information on the professional field of plant research for schoolchildren, teachers and students under the heading “School and Studies”.

Stem cells

The teaching material “Understanding Stem Cells - The Conference for Schools” was developed in cooperation with experts and educationalists from the non-profit Schering Foundation and the German Stem Cell Network. The teaching material enables high school students to actively immerse themselves in current stem cell research. Explanatory texts, articles, graphics, exercise sheets and lesson processes are offered. The material is available free of charge for direct use on a tablet or PC on the website and is also offered for download in PDF format. The open file formats provided allow teachers to adapt and add to the material themselves.

environmental Protection

Global Ideas goes to school: learning packages on environmental topics

Would you like to get children and young people enthusiastic about environmental protection and convey complex topics in an easily understandable way in the classroom? Use the free learning packages from Deutsche Welle:

Learning package # 1 plastic waste and the consequences for the environment

Learning Package # 2 Our Forests - Importance, Threat, Protection

Learning package # 3 Green oases in the city