Most Fortnite players are children

Is Fortnite suitable for kids? Parents & children view

I dare to answer the questions: Should kids be allowed to play Fortnite? What should parents know about Fortnite? My son started the survival shooter when he was 10 and answers a lot of questions about the game. No questions remain unanswered here!

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Parent perspective: what is Fortnite?

My son is 11 years old and has been able to play Fortnite for a year. Fortnite is a comic book-style survival shooter where only one person or team can win. That means only one team can win by surviving by killing everyone else with guns.

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It is important to mention that you not only have to be the only survivor, but that the radius in which you can move is also shrinking. However, weapons must be found first as there is only one pickaxe available to start with.

Fortnite briefly explained

Basically the game Fortnite consists of simple points. There are also many other modes with customized weapons and objectives. It is also possible to play in small and large teams!

  • Jump out of the battle bus
  • Land and find weapons
  • Collect good items
  • Always stay in a safe circle
  • Entrench or go hunting
  • Devise a survival strategy

From how many years is Fortnite suitable?

Fortnite is for children from 12 years Approved. It depends on the child whether this is a good game for every child from the age of 12 onwards! So my recommendation here is: Before you allow your child to Fortnite, check out the game for yourself.

I've been playing computer games myself for over 20 years, have a Nintendo Switch and lots of Switch games for kids. I've played a few shooters and I know what it takes to survive.

That's why I looked at Fortnite myself for the time being. 12 year olds might like the comic art, I find it very appealing. Of course, that's what the game manufacturer is also up to: inspire children who want to put their pocket money into the game.

Tip: According to your first assessment, play Fortnite with your child. Different game modes can be tried out together and the game can be tested. My son and I play against the world together with every new season!

Fortnite parental controls

I think that's super important Fortnite parental controlsG. If you don't want your child to happily shop in the shop, you can put a stop here. That works in the menu at the top right: select child lock. There you have to set up a PIN first so that the settings are not simply undone.

Different options for Fortnite parental controls

  • Enable filter for offensive language
  • Disable friend requests
  • Deactivate player names outside the team
  • Do not show your own player name
  • Deactivate voice chat
  • Have game time reports sent weekly
  • Disable text messages

Turn off voice chat & messages

We have disabled most of it. As a result, my son cannot chat or speak with others, nor does he hear or read any in-game messages.

What is of course still possible: use a voice chat tool outside. My child uses a messenger service to make mutual agreements with a friend. I know the friend and he is the only person (next to me) on his friend list. This is agreed together and ok for both sides!

Better not to set a fixed playing time

Settings can also be made via the platform (PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, etc.). For example, a total playing time can be set per platform and in-app purchases can generally be deactivated.

We haven't agreed on a fixed playing time. It would be unfair if the game ran out in the middle of a match. A warning in advance does not help either. It is better to talk to the child and agree on the time frame (include plus / minus 15 minutes!) Or how many matches can be played.

Do not use a real name

It should be noted that children can simply rename themselves. So despite Fortnite parental controls, it is necessary to talk to the child about appropriate names. Accordingly, your own real name should not be used. Of course, no personal data such as age, place of residence, etc. should be given.

Fortnite from a child's perspective: 11-year-old interviewed about Fortnite

I regularly speak to my son about this and other games. The following is an interview about Fortnite from a child's point of view. He answers all questions about Fortnite!

What is fortnite

"Fortnite has been around since 2017, it's a kids shooter USK 12. You jump out of the battle bus and fly to a city like Lazy Lake, you loot and then go looking for an opponent.
Fortnite has already released 16 seasons, one season lasts about 2.5 months. The current season is season 16. "

11 year old son

Why is Fortnite good?

“I think children from the age of 10 can also play because you shoot other people but you don't see any corpses or blood. Instead, people simply drop their objects. "

11 year old son

How do you win at Fortnite?

Son: “It's best to end up in a smaller place where not so many players go down, then you collect all the loot and then you can go looking for an opponent.

Loot: When you've landed, it's best to look directly for a weapon, it can be found in chests or on the floor. There are also loot llamas these can be found mostly on the edge of the map. From the loot llamas you get 350 stones as well as 350 wood and metal each and you also get 100% a couple of shield potions and bandages or MedKits.

Lootdrops: You actually get the same thing out of the loot llamas, with one exception, the weapon. You always get at least an epic / purple weapon. "

What should parents know about Fortnite?

Sohn: “The item shop: Fortnite has a more or less good concept with the in-game currency V-Bucks.

Advantage for the player: You can buy cool skins, dances, paintwork or emojis.

Disadvantage for the player: You always want to have more V-Bucks. The Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks. But you can only buy at least 1,000 V-Bucks. But then you still have 50 V-Bucks left and want to spend the rest of them.

But you can solve the problem by buying the Battle Pass. You always get at least 100 V-Bucks in the Battle Pass and with that and the remaining 50 V-Bucks you can buy a Battle Pass level for 150 V-Bucks. "

Mum view: The in-game shop

The in-game shop is hell for parents and heaven for children - if they are allowed to shop. We have agreed that the Battle Pass can always be bought with pocket money.

We only allow the purchase of cosmetic items sometimes. The son is satisfied, because during the new seasons he gets enough skins, dances, emotes and all that nice stuff. We then take over the purchase via our account so that our son cannot simply shop.

And what about Epic Games?

Son: “Advantage for Fortnite: You earn money by players buying V-Bucks.

Disadvantage for Fortnite: There are hackers who log into the accounts of other players and first buy V-Bucks via the account and then send skins to themselves. That gives negative criticism for Epic Games. "

Is Fortnite addicting?

Fortnite has certain aspects that can certainly be addicting. Skins, embellishments for the figure, can be bought in the store and the level design is designed so that the next fight can begin immediately. There are still quests, so many reasons to stay in the game for a long time.

However, this is the case with most games. Since Fortnite is free, the money is made through the shop. I see a problem there if that is not regulated.

"You can also get addicted easily and quickly, Fortnite makes you addicted by always having new skins and new updates you think" I have to play today. "

Or "Ohh there is a new update, I really have to find out what's new." And "Ohhh a new skin, I absolutely have to have it."

There were e.g. B. also an event where you could get a more or less free pickaxe. You had to buy a plush toy lama at a kiosk and then you got a code and with that you got the pickaxe. "

11 year old son

Frequently asked questions about Fortnite

What does Fortnite do with kids?

I can only say it from my point of view: Fortnite-gambling children talk weird. They say words that have never been heard before, they suddenly speak English and have amazingly good reactions.
So far, I have not been able to determine any negative effects - because even a car racing game can lead to the controller being thrown angrily into the corner. ;)

Should you let kids play Fortnite?

It depends! The child needs a certain degree of maturity in order to be able to distinguish between what is play and what is real. Then it helps, after playing and getting an impression of the child, to watch the child: How does he react, how does he play Fortnite?
Fearful children may react scary and could wait a little longer until they too play Fortnite on their own. You should definitely make that dependent on the child, not on the age. Because "all friends play Fortnite" is not a good reason.

Is Fortnite Brutal?

In Fortnite, other players have to be shot down. Until the life point bar is at zero. So yeah, from that point of view, Fortnite is brutal.
However, there is no blood or death animation in the game. The focus is not on death. Instead, a new round begins shortly thereafter if requested.

How long should kids play Fortnite?

That also depends on the child. At first I would watch the child and see if the hectic shooter game is well received. Breaks are always recommended.
My 11 year old son plays for a few hours a day after chores are done. He goes outside voluntarily. From this point of view everything is fine!

Is Fortnite a shooting game?

Fortnite cannot be compared to a Quake or Unreal Tournament. These first-person shooters are even faster and are only recommended by the USK from the age of 16. In Fortnite, the focus isn't just on shooting other players. Instead, weapons can be upgraded, walls and entrenchments can be built and angled.

Is Fortnite a strategy game?

In Fortnite, strategy is the key to success. It starts with the first jump off the battle bus, continues with the landing - which area? Which weapons can I find? Where can I find protective potions? How can i hide and it ends with the final fight. Strategic thinking is necessary from the start.

Can you play Fortnite offline?

Fortnite takes place entirely online. That means: Nothing works without good internet in the nursery. That's why parental controls (beyond Fortnite) are also important. And: stay in touch at all times!

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