What makes the best schools the best

German School Prize 2020 : These are the top 20 schools

The decision for the TOP 20 schools was preceded by a multi-stage selection process. Public or private general and vocational schools in Germany as well as German schools abroad were able to apply online until mid-October. In the next step, the applications were assessed by a preliminary jury.

The basis for the assessment are the six quality areas on which the German School Prize is based: performance; Dealing with diversity; Teaching quality; Responsibility; School climate; School life and partners outside of school, school as a learning institution. Schools must achieve good results in all areas in order to be selected. "We do not award a spectacular beacon in a special area, but rather look primarily at which innovations are developing in the entire school system," says Schratz. The preliminary jury can recommend up to 50 schools to the jury. The twelve members of the jury have now created the top 20 list.

The nominated schools will be visited by the jury in January and February

The 20 schools are visited in January and February by members of the jury and the preliminary jury. Then in March the jury will decide which 15 schools to nominate for the German School Prize 2020. It is, as it were, the “shortlist” for the school prize, which is expected to be awarded in Berlin at the end of May. A total of six schools will then be awarded.

But it wasn't just these schools that won. Because all applicant schools benefit from participating in the competition. Participation is a good opportunity for self-evaluation and to focus on your own school development. The nominated schools that do not receive an award will also all receive a recognition award of 5,000 euros each.

B.Up to 20 applicant schools benefit from the school development program for the school award

In addition, up to 20 schools can benefit from the development program for excellent schools of the German School Prize. They are supported in their development process over a period of two years, can attend seminars and network with other applicant schools. Some of these schools will later apply again for the German School Prize. This year, for the first time, graduates of the development program are among the TOP 20 schools. The jurors of the German School Prize are now looking forward to school visits in the new year. They will offer much more insight into the work of the TOP 20 schools.