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Swiss no longer reimburses canceled tickets

Swiss and its parent company, the German Lufthansa, announced yesterday that they would no longer refund their canceled flight tickets with immediate effect.

"The refund functionality for Lufthansa Group airlines’ tickets has been temporarily disabled in all reservation systems, "they wrote to customers and partners. "Refunds already submitted will be processed at a later stage."

Pods tight: Swiss stops all reimbursements, it is hoarding the remaining money in order to survive.

The partial insolvency of Swiss is acute. Air traffic has practically come to a standstill, the planes are parked on the ground.

The Swiss and Lufthansa bosses have been warning for days that they would not survive much longer without state aid.

They are now passing the bill on to customers and partners. From now on they will not give them any more money for their losses.

Save yourself who can.

Airlines buckle immediately in major storms. You saw that at Nine-eleven in 2001, when Swissair went bankrupt within 3 weeks.

You can see that today in the corona collapse. The planes cost a fortune, the airlines have zero reserves.

Lufthansa wants tax money for Swiss so that it can survive. She has flown in proud profits since 2005, when she bought Swiss, which was financed by Swiss taxpayers for billions for a sandwich.

Now she makes the cupped hand. Help us, otherwise you will be cut off from air traffic forever. You could also bury your Zurich-Kloten without your "home carrier" Swiss.

Without Swiss things will actually be tight for Kloten. The airport company knew no boundaries and immediately built the circle after the 5th expansion phase. Is the shopping and office paradise getting full?

No Swiss, no airport, no prosperity in Zurich, no future in Switzerland - so the SOS of the Lufthansa captains. It is the eternal mantra of Zurich airport lobbyists.

What to do? Rescuing Swiss could be important for Zurich and Switzerland. Better before a possible bankruptcy of the Lufthansa Group, after that it will be expensive, as the end of Swissair showed.

Berlin is called for. The German government is responsible for the Lufthansa rescue.

If Lufthansa finds that Swiss goes under without Swiss money, Bern and Zurich will look into help.

In return, they should ask for shares. That could be Lufthansa shares or - even better - Swiss shares.

A participation of Switzerland in Swiss would make a rescue of the airline understandable for the citizens.

What hardly anyone would understand: First we give billions for Swiss, then we give away the airline to German Lufthansa.

It earned itself stupidly and stupidly for 14 years in order to receive hundreds of millions or more from the Swiss citizen during the big storm - so that the friction can soon continue.