Can i work in Dubai

Emigrate to the United Arab Emirates

Tips for emigrants

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are increasingly becoming a popular destination for emigrants. The emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most attractive. Abu Dhabi is also the capital of the UAE.

The Emirates can boast enormous economic growth and offer a high standard of living.

In addition, the UAE is also interesting from a tax point of view, as there is no direct income tax there.

The salaries in the UAE are significantly lower than in Germany. On the other hand, the cost of living is not as high as in Germany, if you are not hoping for a luxurious life. Local products are cheaper than imported goods. This is especially true for food. Electronic devices are cheaper than in Germany because the import duties are very low. This also applies to cars. Petrol is very cheap in general. Real estate, on the other hand, is comparatively expensive. You have to take care of social security yourself.

The official language in the UAE is Arabic. However, English is also widely spoken in the business world. If you want to live in the UAE for the long term, you should be able to speak Arabic as well as English and be prepared to deal with Islamic culture.

Women are not subject to any special regulations. They are allowed to work, drive a car, move around in public without an escort. However, when it comes to clothing, they should adapt to the customs.

For whom is the United Arab Emirates suitable as a country of emigration?

Officially, it is said that native workers are preferred in the UAE. But the proportion of foreigners of 80 percent already shows that foreign workers, both men and women, have good chances on the UAE labor market. However, this is especially true for well-trained professionals and academics. The working week lasts five to six days. Friday and possibly Saturday are the days off of the week.

The following professions are in demand in the UAE:

  • Doctors, Nurses and Nurses
  • pharmacist
  • Engineers
  • IT specialists
  • Manager
  • Employee in the hotel and catering industry

Anyone who loses their job must have a new job within a month, otherwise they are threatened with expulsion. Assistance is provided by the Central Foreign and Specialized Placement Services of the Federal Employment Agency and the European Employment Services (EURES). You can find job advertisements in English-language daily newspapers such as Gulf News and Khaleej Times.

Information on the subject of work and working conditions in the UAE is also available from the Federal Office of Administration in Cologne - information center for emigrants and those working abroad.

If you want to set up a company in the UAE, you should contact the German-Emirati Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Requirements for an unlimited visa

If you want to travel to the UAE as a German, you need a visa. As a tourist, you receive a visitor's visa that is valid for 30 days and can be extended by another 30 days. With this visitor visa you are not allowed to work.

Residence permit / work permit: If you want to stay in the UAE for a long time, you need a residence permit. These are only available under certain conditions. So you have to have your school diploma legalized at the UAE embassy. If other family members come with you, the possible marriage certificate and birth certificate of the children must also be legalized. The employer in the UAE applies for a residence permit on site from the relevant authorities in the UAE. In addition, as a foreign employee, you have to undergo an official medical examination. In addition, you need proof of a local health insurance, which is usually taken out by the employer (this applies to Abu Dhabi).

For some years now, UAE nationals and foreigners living there have required an identification card (ID card). This ID card is also required to get a residence permit. You apply for it at the “Emirates Identity Authority”. The residence permit is usually issued for three years. However, you can have it extended.

It is next to impossible to get unlimited residence and work permits in the UAE. This is only possible if you have a very influential employer who supports you in this matter based on many years of work and special merits.

A work permit in the UAE is only granted up to the age of 60 years.

It is usually not possible for foreigners to acquire UAE citizenship. Citizenship can only be obtained if one is married to a citizen of the UAE and on the condition that one is of Muslim faith. If children are born in the UAE, they gain citizenship from their parents.

The UAE embassy in Berlin provides information on visa requirements.

Moving to the United Arab Emirates: What to look out for

Many things relating to legislation and insurance are very different in the UAE than in Germany. Therefore, good preparation is recommended if you want to emigrate to the UAE. Of course, some things can only be arranged on site.

What you can already regulate in Germany:

  • Papers: Anyone who permanently relocates their main residence to another country must deregister at the responsible residents' registration office in Germany. To enter the UAE you need a valid passport and a visa. There is no registration requirement in the UAE. However, for a stay that lasts longer than 60 days, you need a residence or work permit (see above). For a short stay in the UAE, the German or international driver's license is valid. Anyone staying in the UAE for a long time needs a UAE driver's license.
  • Pension and old-age provision: There is no social security agreement between Germany and the UAE. In addition, there is no statutory pension insurance in the UAE. Anyone who works in the UAE and leaves the German pension scheme must make private provision. Information is available from the Deutsche Rentenversicherung.
  • If the household effects are to emigrate with: Articles of daily use may be imported into the UAE duty-free. This includes furniture, clothing and other items that affect household items. However, due to the distance, one must expect high costs for moving the entire household goods. It is therefore advisable to get offers from several forwarding agents.

What needs to be regulated in the United Arab Emirates:

  • Apartment Search: The search for accommodation in the UAE is always very short-term. You can't look for an apartment there months in advance. Mostly it is expected that you will make a decision immediately after viewing the property. So if you are moving to the UAE, you should first rent something for a short time and then look for a suitable apartment on site. Prices vary a lot, depending on how luxurious the apartment should be. The conditions under which foreigners are allowed to buy property in the UAE are precisely regulated and different in each emirate. So you should inform yourself well in advance. If you want to rent an apartment or buy a property in the UAE, it is best to contact a local realtor.
  • To apply for a tax card in the United Arab Emirates: There are no tax cards in the UAE as there is no income tax.
  • Setting up a bank account: Opening a bank account in the UAE involves a lot of paperwork. You need a residence permit as well as a "No Objection Certificate" from the employer, which confirms the salary. In addition, you should take the rental agreement with you so that you can prove your residence in the UAE, a copy of your passport and passport photos.
    If you open an account at the employer's bank, you may get favorable terms.
  • Health insurance: Only in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is there a statutory insurance system that requires foreign workers in the UAE to have health insurance. Anyone traveling to the UAE for a short or long term should purchase overseas health insurance that provides comprehensive coverage and includes repatriation insurance.