Why are delivery services so popular these days

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Ordering food to be delivered to your home is as normal these days as it used to be for daily cooking at home. Cooking programs are booming all over the country, but very few people still have the time to prepare a meal during the week. Or maybe not in the mood.

An important indicator of this development is the booming delivery services and restaurants that deliver food. They can be found everywhere, their number is steadily increasing. In this market there is not only constant movement in terms of delivery activity, but also in terms of current market participants. In short, who knows which restaurants in the area with which current offers currently exist and deliver? The fewest.

For Markus Fuhrmann, Nikita Fahrenholz, Fabian Siegel, Claude Ritter and Doreen Huber, it was reason enough to set up Lieferheld.de in order to bring more transparency to the confusing delivery service scene. Lieferheld GmbH, the five start-up entrepreneurs, launched Lieferheld.de in November 2010 with 200 suppliers. Almost half a year later, their number had already increased tenfold.

This explosive increase is an indication of the great demand for service platforms that bring clarity to the delivery service jungle. The portal visitors only have to enter the postcode of their place of residence in the search field and all delivery services in the immediate vicinity are displayed to them.

With a click of the mouse, visitors get to the offerings of the listed companies and can place their order directly. You will be forwarded to the restaurant and then supplied by the respective service.


Who delivers what? When? Where?

These are the questions customers keep asking about delivery services. With the flyers lying around in any drawer, you never know exactly whether the offer is still up to date. The same applies to research using the search engines, where it is also important to find out whether the delivering restaurant has just opened or even still exists. Not all restaurants have their own website where what is on offer can be viewed.

Markus Fuhrmann, Nikita Fahrenholz, Fabian Siegel, Claude Ritter and Doreen Huber, who founded Lieferheld GmbH in Berlin in September 2010 for this purpose, put an end to this circumstance.

The nearest food delivery service can be found via the Lieferheld.de portal. If the listed restaurant has just opened, the current offer can be viewed with a click of the mouse and the desired menu for home delivery can then be ordered directly online.

If the restaurant is not yet open, pre-orders are possible. Accompanied by large-scale campaigns, the portal was launched in November 2010 with around 200 restaurants in the cities of Berlin and Hamburg. Success came quickly and countless delivery services from other cities could be recruited with the help of multi-million dollar print campaigns. As early as May 2011, the number of restaurants listed had risen to 2,000.

Currently, 2,500 delivery services from over 200 German cities have registered on Lieferheld.de. Well-known investors such as Team Europe Ventures and Holtzbrinck-Ventures supported the company with considerable sums of money during the establishment and expansion and secured the financing.

Because over 20 million euros are earmarked for advertising alone in the coming years. A sensible investment to be able to stand up to the biggest competitors Pizza.de, Lieferando.de and Lieferservice.de. More than 30 employees currently support the founding team in achieving their ambitious goals.

Due to the boom in mobile smartphone services, the food delivery service now also offers its services as an app for iPhone and Android. The search function has also been expanded in the meantime and allows you to search not only by postcode, but also for certain dishes or flavors in the vicinity of the postcode area. The order is made via a customer account, which must be created when the first order is placed.

Old orders can be viewed there or your own favorites among the delivery services can be viewed. Payment is made either in the traditional way, directly after delivery at the front door, in cash or online by credit card. In addition to American Express, MasterCard and Visa, payments via PayPal are also accepted.


Future market of food delivery services

Delivery services have been around for a long time. Pizza restaurants in particular have shaped this delivery culture, which has now also established itself in Chinese, Greek, Indian and Turkish dishes. You no longer have to go to a restaurant or order by phone, but can choose exactly the dishes you want in black and white.

And the best thing is that you don't have to pay for the ordered food immediately in cash, but can conveniently pay by credit card. This service can only be offered by a delivery service platform like Lieferheld.de.

Registration on the platform is also advantageous for delivery services, as this saves costs when processing orders. The time it takes to place orders over the phone is significantly reduced. The profit that the platform means for the image of the listed delivery services must not be forgotten. A business idea with a lot of potential. The boom in delivery services is not only likely to continue over the next few years, it is even likely to intensify.