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Are you intelligent above average?

Do you like to drink? Life in chaos? And are a master at cursing? Congratulations! Because these characteristics indicate that you are a particularly intelligent person.

1. You curse more

Do you think that only the uneducated are particularly fond of swearing? Then you've cut yourself neatly! As a US study shows, people with a particularly large number of swear words also have a particularly high IQ. According to "welt.de", the test participants were asked to use as many swear words as possible within a minute. The richer the vocabulary, the better the result in the IQ test. But that does not mean that they also make use of the special vocabulary.

2. They are messy

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A shrewd head put the matter in the chaos into clever words: "If a chaotic desk reflects chaotic thinking, what does an empty desk reflect?" In fact, a study conducted at Northwestern University found that people in messy rooms have more original ideas. So chaos seems to be a good breeding ground for creativity.

3. You stay awake longer

Night Owl or Lark? If you belong to the former, the chances increase that you will fall into the group of the most intelligent people. Because they stay up longer demonstrably, as the journal "Psychology Today" reports.

4. You indulge in alcohol

Would you like another glass? Highly intelligent people are more likely to answer yes than no to this question. Researchers at the London School of Economics found that adults with particularly good scores on the IQ test drink more alcohol than those who did not do so well. Conversely excluded!

5. You listen

Finally a socially acceptable behavior! According to "watson.ch", intelligent people are known for being better listeners. What does this knowledge say about steamy talkers?

6. As a child you were considered a defiant head

Gifted children recognize when they cannot do a task in the way they imagine. With the result that they leave the matter from the outset. This may seem defiant and unmotivated to adults. In fact, according to the "gifted center", this ability is a sign of a high IQ.

7. You are liberal

Researchers at the London School of Economics found that highly intelligent people were more likely to represent social and political values ‚Äč‚Äčthat were previously unrecognized. In contrast, people with a lower IQ are more likely to be assigned to the group of conservatives than keepers of old values. For this finding, the researchers evaluated data from 14,000 American adolescents.

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