Is there a healthy fast food chain

Fast but healthy - franchise concept for healthy fast food

Fast catering is a sign of our time. Even if a burger temple can soon be found on every corner, there are always new franchise ideas with a lot of potential for gastronomy. In the meantime, Big Mac & Co. don't have it so easy, since people are eating more calorie-conscious and eating lighter foods.

Salads are also available in the branches of burger chains, but in Germany they are ready-made and if necessary, the customer can vary the salad individually by choosing the dressing. This brought Felix and Peter Heinzmann from Marburg an der Lahn to the business idea of ​​building a franchise concept for healthy food with a focus on salads.

In their “Sal Small”, customers can put together their salads from 45 fresh ingredients according to the principle of a salad bar. Even if, besides salads, other dishes such as hearty soups and delicious desserts are on offer, the basic principle of the franchise idea of ​​“Salädchen” is the freshness of the ingredients and the personal atmosphere in which customers should feel comfortable.

You don't want to do mass processing, you want to offer fast and healthy food for a small budget. The concept of Sal Mädchen Franchise GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 2013, has meanwhile worked out completely. In just one year, ten branches were opened all over Germany and many more are to follow.


Countless salad variations made from 45 ingredients

For many people, fast food and healthy eating are things that simply don't go together. Because fast eating is automatically associated with unhealthy. Both in terms of ingredients and eating habits. The business idea Sal Small does not want to encourage the devouring of the meal - on the contrary.

In the shops, customers should feel good all round, feel personal closeness and be able to enjoy a healthy meal in peace, because all the ingredients are absolutely fresh. There are neither convenience products to be found here, nor typical snack items such as French fries, currywurst & Co. The customer has the option of putting together their own individual salad from 45 different ingredients.

The salad bars of steak houses and the burger shops don't offer that much choice. In addition to salads, there are other small dishes such as soups, baked potatoes and delicious desserts, which are also always freshly prepared. Felix and Peter Heinzmann from Marburg an der Lahn developed the Salado business idea together with friends and founded a franchise GmbH of the same name in Marburg an der Lahn in August 2013.

A business idea that has not yet existed in this form in Germany: a franchise concept for fast food that consists exclusively of fresh and healthy ingredients. That means: no flavor enhancers, no artificial flavorings and no preservatives.

All dishes that you put together yourself can be consumed in the shop or taken away. The small salad including 4 basic ingredients and a roll costs 3.90 euros, the large version with 2 rolls 4.90 euros. As a salad base, you can choose leaf lettuce, pasta or a mixture of both.

Each additional ingredient costs 0.50 euros. The baked potato with paprika or herb quark costs 2.90 euros and the soups / stews between 3.90 euros and 4.50 euros. Salgirl branches are now represented in many cities: twice in Berlin, Frankfurt and Marburg and once in Freiburg, Gießen, Cologne and Soest.


Fast food “Made in Germany” has a lot of potential

Franchise catering is spreading more and more. However, many customers are now annoyed by the monotonous range of American chains. There is therefore ample potential for alternatives “Made in Germany”. It always depends on the concept. Sal Mädchen is currently represented in various university cities and primarily appeals to young people on a tight budget who value healthy food.

In principle, however, there is a target audience for this offer in every major German city. This approach offers excellent opportunities for founders who are enthusiastic about this business idea and want to set up something similar. You can run fast catering for healthy eating at a single location or as a franchise concept.

The latter, of course, requires more capital and planning. If you don't want to start a new company yourself and still want to earn money with the business idea, you also have the opportunity to become active as a franchisee for saloons. The start-up intends to open many more branches in German cities and is still looking for committed colleagues who can identify with the concept.