What is the best computer configuration

Put your PC together in the PC configurator - whether it's a gaming PC or an office computer!

Our PC configurator allows one quite personal Configure computers from scratch and put together your dream PC online. Whether gaming, office or silent PC - configure it yourself, completely without restrictions! No matter what purpose you want to buy a new PC or workstation for: with the extremely extensive PC configurator In the MIFCOM PC online shop, the PC of your choice becomes a reality very quickly.

Here you can start configuring according to your mood - create your new PC from scratch! Overclocking, particularly quiet components, reduced to a minimum, suitable as a multimedia PC, for extreme gamers or simply as a family PC at home: our PC configurator provides an option for every application.

With the MIFCOM PC configurator to a dream PC - even for laypeople

The MIFCOM configurator for the personal compilation a computer is suitable for professionals, but more importantly, also for absolute laypeople. In five steps you can go from selecting the hardware to the overview of your desired PC.

You don't need to worry about compatibility. We have already done that for you. Every available component has been carefully selected by us and comes with the parts you want 100% compatible. The PC configurator checks the compatibility of the selected components after each change and issues a warning in the event of incompatibility problems. If a selected component does not fit into the system due to a selection, the MIFCOM PC configurator will point this out to you and also provide suggestions for improvement on how you can configure your desired PC even better.

Coordinated desired hardware in the PC configurator

First of all, you make the pre-selection of the PC type. The following six categories are available:


after the Preselection was hit, you have to Basic system determine. These models differ mainly in the Processor socket and the CPU generation, which determines the performance class and various hardware specifications. The various PC configurators have a carefully selected repertoire of compatible hardware according to their objective. In the high-end PC configurator are exclusively High-end components selectable, whereas in the Silent PC configurator only Whisper quiet hardware is available. Likewise, between manufacturers Intel and AMD and the current processor sockets and generations.

The correct choice of mainboard, CPU socket and graphics card

Once the first step has been taken, you get to the basic configuration. The choice of main components will determine the case, CPU and motherboard. You also determine the graphics card (GPU), NVIDIA GeForce or AMD RX, and size and manufacturer of the RAM (R.A.M). The choice of data carrier technology and storage capacity are on the agenda. Should it be a SSD With M.2 connection and NVMe technology become or one classic hard drive (HDD) with magnetic disks? If you need a drive for reading and burning DVDs and Blu-rays, you can easily add it to the PC of your choice using the configurator.

Various components such as Sound card or WLAN stick are determined quickly. You now round off the system by choosing the power supply and then determine the cooling for the CPU. We offer powerful and quiet cooler for the CPU. However, if you want it to be particularly quiet and extremely powerful, we recommend that you choose water cooling. Silent components, hard drive insulation and a fan control ensure that the MIFCOM PC, which is individually assembled in the configurator, operates almost inaudibly.

Captivating optics with RGB lighting and tempered glass

Individual Cable sleeves in different colors for your future computer ensure that special look. We offer you one to match your case RGB lighting with LED strips and matching ones RGB case fan at. Set colorful accents and the next LAN party will not only be a playful pleasure. Here, too, the desired option can be selected in the PC configurator.

Operating system and software with installation and coordination by professionals

Of course, we offer Windows 10 in the 64-bit version for every PC in the PC configurator A + installation at. Thanks to our many years of experience, we install and configure the operating system optimally for your use. A selection of Microsoft Office and Security software (Anti-Virus, Firewall) complete the configuration. Other software like the 3DMark Advanced for measuring your system performance can also be preinstalled on request, so that it only has to be activated when the PC arrives.

Assemble upgrade PC according to your own needs

Our configurators also enable you to put together an upgrade PC online according to your wishes. With MIFCOM you can not only configure fully equipped PCs in the configurator, but also upgrade PCs to continue using existing hardware. Here you have the choice of buying PCs without storage media or graphics cards - you can then complete the upgrade PC you have ordered yourself with the hardware you already have. Our upgrade PC configurator will inform you of all possible sources of error and thus prevent sources of error in advance. So you don't have to worry about incompatibilities such as incorrect RAM etc. - our upgrade PCs are guaranteed to run stably. Like any other PC, these upgrade systems are tested for error-free operation before they are sent to you. So it is easy for you to breathe a second life into your existing hardware!

The perfect periphery for every application

Suitable peripherals in the form of a monitor, mouse and keyboard are also important for optimal operation. Selected premium devices with RGB lighting from Corsair complement your setup. We allow you to choose between wired, gaming and complete sets for keyboard and mouse. The PC configurator offers you the right input devices for every usage scenario. Breathtaking response times, n-key rollover, macro keys and mechanical keyboards are just a few of the buzzwords here.

ASUS gaming monitors offer technologies against tearing effects (Nvidia G-Sync, AMD FreeSync 2) and highest frame rates and thus meet all requirements for everyday office or gaming. Monitors with an IPS panel are best suited for multimedia and workstation computers, as the technology protects the eyes during long periods of use at the PC. The high viewing angle ensures one in every sitting position optimal presentation and color rendering. There is a razor-sharp reproduction with the 4K resolutions (3840 x 2160 pixels) of our top models. ASUS gaming monitors are characterized by a immensely high refresh rate (144Hz, 165Hz or 240Hz) and extreme low response times (1ms) off. AMD FreeSync 2 and Nvidia G-Sync dynamically adjust the refresh rate between the graphics card and the monitor and prevent thereby a optical tearing of the image (so-called tearing).

All-round service when purchasing with the PC configurator and afterwards

Of course, the PC configurator gives you a full 3-year guarantee for your individually assembled PC. You will receive the PickUp & Return service for the entire warranty period, should a repair be necessary. If you wish, this service can be extended to up to 5 years.

The professional assembly With Premium cable management and a complex technical and optical quality control are a matter of course for us and free of charge. Once your computer is assembled and ready for use, we test it for performance and reliability using a specially developed multi-stage test procedure.

You can reach technical support and advice from MIFCOM free of charge for a lifetime by phone, email and chat.

If you have any questions before buying your dream PC, our technical staff is available to answer any questions you may have via the above contact options.