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Classic advertising for founders in newspapers, television, radio, etc.

Role of classic advertising in the German advertising market

According to the online marketing group, OVK for short, in the Federal Association of the Digital Economy, one can imagine the willingness to invest in advertising on the German market like a cake. This is known as the gross advertising cake and it provides information about the advertising strengths of television, Internet, newspapers, consumer magazines, radio, out-of-home and specialist magazines.

For 2013, the OVK is assuming the following distribution of the advertising budget across the individual channels:

  • TV advertising gets the biggest piece of cake with 38.8%
  • followed directly by online advertising with 23.5%.
  • This is followed by advertising in newspapers (14.7%) and consumer magazines (11.5%)
  • as well as radio (5.5%), out-of-home (4.7%) and specialist magazines (1.3%).

This clearly shows that in addition to increasing online marketing, classic advertising also remains interesting. What is meant are the big three: advertising in the newspaper as well as television and radio advertising.

But before founders zap through all radio and television stations and leaf through newspapers and magazines at the station kiosk, they should first define the basic cornerstones of marketing and check how much they can invest in their marketing budget - these aspects are already to be considered when drawing up the business plan concerns. A start-up coach can help, for example. The start-up coach is a valuable companion on the way to self-employment. The start-up advice by the start-up coach is mostly funded by public grants. One example is KfW start-up coaching.

Targeted brand building makes your advertising activities even more successful. We'll show you how to build your brand.

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Classic advertising in the newspaper

In order to attract the target group's attention to your own business idea, you can book advertising in the newspaper. Founders should know what options there are and what to look out for - and preferably before they decide to book ad space in a newspaper. After all, there are a large number of regional and national newspapers, trade journals and magazines and you should know exactly where to find your target group. Read more about advertising in the newspaper.

Classic advertising on the radio

With radio advertising, listeners tend to perceive new offers and business ideas from the background - if they are broadcast several times, however, the perception increases. Founders considering radio advertising should check with local and national broadcasters for prices and broadcast times: more about advertising on radio.

Classic advertising on TV

TV advertising is also a classic form of advertising. Not only large corporations but also start-ups should think about it. The cost factor is arguably the biggest obstacle to this form of advertising, which prevents founders from doing TV advertising. However, there are also inexpensive alternatives for the small budget: TV advertising in detail.

If you want to cast your marketing concept in numbers, you can use our tool for calculating the marketing budget.

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Outdoor advertising as a form of classic advertising

The public space offers space for numerous advertising measures - whereby, of course, legal requirements must be complied with. Of course, you can't distribute your flyers or hang posters everywhere. We will give you an overview of the outdoor advertising measures and show you in detail how you can proceed with poster advertising.

Be creative: guerrilla marketing

Even if it doesn't sound like classic advertising at first glance, guerrilla marketing is not a new invention. In addition, guerrilla actions usually take place outdoors. In times of social media, however, they will of course be captured on film and distributed within the framework of online marketing in order to achieve a greater reach. Plan a successful guerrilla marketing campaign. A pop-up store can have a similar effect as guerrilla marketing. Find out here how to open a pop-up store and learn about examples.

Direct marketing as classic advertising

Direct customer contact is the focus of direct marketing. Be it by phone, at trade fairs or events, through representatives at your doorstep or online via newsletter. Direct marketing is one of the most frequently used measures in classic advertising: more to direct marketing.

Classic advertising using promotional items

Everyone knows them and the majority also have them at home or in the office. This refers to promotional items that have been used by companies for a long time. Even in the online age, this classic advertising continues to enjoy great popularity. The variety of promotional items is great and you should come up with something apart from the pen to get noticed. Read more about classic advertising promotional items.

Alternatives for classic advertising

In contrast to classic advertising, there is online advertising, which has gained more and more importance in the marketing concept of many companies and will continue to gain in the future. The Internet enables founders to increase the level of awareness of the start-up in a comparatively inexpensive way. For example, you can use the following online advertising channels:

In interaction with fans, followers and subscribers on social media, founders have the opportunity to receive feedback, expand the fan base and disseminate offers. However, there are stumbling blocks and major mistakes that should be avoided. First and foremost, it is not advisable to buy fake fans. This trick is quickly noticed and damages the image of the start-up. Furthermore, posts on Facebook, short messages on Twitter and videos on YouTube should be exciting and entertaining and, in short, have added value for Internet users. Anyone who is bored, annoying or plays wrongly gets into a "shit storm" faster than they'd like.

And as with classic advertising, the capital employed can also be burned quickly if you use the wrong channels. Learn more about social media marketing in the following chapters:

In the long term, you should think of public relations as well as advertising. This is seen as more credible in many studies, as the statements come from third parties and not from the company itself. In addition to press work, good public relations work also includes other activities that can have a positive effect on your image. Read on to learn more about PR:

The Right Way To Advertise: Summary

Whether with the help of classic advertising, internet marketing strategy or a combination of online and offline strategies - which advertising measures founders decide on always depends on the target group. After all, it is she who should avail of the product or service. Accordingly, the target group is to be addressed where it is. Data from Sinus-Milieus as well as personas can help to get an exact picture of your target group and their usage behavior. Consultation with a marketing professional is recommended so that the marketing concept achieves the goals that the founders have set for themselves.

Author: Für-Gründer.de editors

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