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What are cookies?

Cookies and tracking technologies are small text files. which are stored on your device when you use a browser. Some cookies are necessary to use our website, while other cookies collect data about your surfing habits. We use this data to give you the best experience possible.


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This allows us to show you personalized Honey advertising with marketing cookies. based on your interests.


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Cookies help us, for example, to find out. what is most popular at Honey and what we can improve for you.

Functional cookies

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With functional cookies we remember e.g. your preferences such as language. Country or region and text sizes.


Essential cookies are used. so that our website works for you.

Essential cookies ensure, for example. that you can securely log in to our website and use it. These cookies help us to protect your account and prevent fraud.

More information about it. How we use cookies can be found in our privacy policy.