What does a chiropractor help with


Who is chiropractic for?

In principle, anyone of any age can take advantage of chiropractic treatment. With babies, for example, one to a few gentle treatments are often enough to correct functional disorders.

The chiropractic treatment is individually adapted to the age and the patient, so older patients with osteoporosis can also be treated safely.

Babies & children

At birth, great mechanical forces act on the baby's body, but mainly on the cervical spine. It becomes even more stressful for the baby when using a suction cup. This often leads to functional disorders in the upper cervical spine and the pelvis. These blockages can have both mechanical and neurological effects and manifest themselves, for example, in restlessness, digestive problems, excessive screaming, restriction of head rotation, head deformation and later in developmental delays and posture problems.

School children and young people can also benefit from early chiropractic care. They often have posture weaknesses that often occur in the growth phases. Often these are exacerbated by carrying heavy satchels, sitting at the PC and lack of exercise.

Pregnant women

Hormonal changes during pregnancy make the ligaments softer and the joints more mobile, which leads to a slight instability of the spine and sacroiliac joint. Added to this is the increasing strain on the lumbar spine and pelvis as the pregnancy progresses. Therefore, complaints in these areas often arise during pregnancy.

Even during pregnancy, chiropractic is a safe and effective treatment method to relieve pain and improve the functionality of the pelvis and back. In addition, according to studies, chiropractic treatment during pregnancy can have a positive impact on childbirth.


Nowadays a lot is demanded of the body not only in competitive sport, but also in hobby sport. Even small - often unnoticed - functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system can lead to imbalances in the muscles and a compensatory movement sequence with one-sided stresses on the body. If you continue to train under these sub-optimal conditions, the body becomes more susceptible to injuries and overuse damage.

Sport chiropractic helps to achieve or restore the best possible functionality of the musculoskeletal system

  • Prevent injuries
  • to train more effectively
  • to increase performance
  • to support / accelerate healing after sports injuries

Sport Chiropractic is like "natural doping" for the body!

senior citizens

With increasing age, pain becomes more noticeable. The back hurts especially after getting up and there are "teething problems". With chiropractic treatment, an inflexible joint can be made more flexible again and therefore less painful. Coupled with more exercise and plenty of fluids, signs of aging such as wear and tear can become more bearable, which also improves the quality of life.

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