How often should I visit Disney World

Orientation in Walt Disney World

At the risk of repeating ourselves, Walt Disney World is huge! Almost every first-time visitor is initially overwhelmed by the dimensions that everything here has. But even experienced visitors always come up against their limits when it comes to finding the best or fastest way from A to B.

What you should definitely know: the entire resort consists of four theme parks, two water parks, almost 30 hotels, a few golf courses and many other facilities. If you have Disneyland Paris in mind as a comparison, where you can actually reach all destinations on foot, you have to say goodbye to this idea quickly. There are few destinations within walking distance of Walt Disney World. For example, there is a footpath from Epcot, past the Boardwalk to Hollywood Studios. The Magic Kingdom, for example, is around 10 kilometers from the Animal Kingdom. The distance between the All Star Resorts and the Magic Kingdom is about 8 kilometers to give another example of the distances. Often there is no footpath at all, so you couldn't walk at all, even if you wanted to.
In order to move from your hotel to the theme parks and other destinations within the resort, you are therefore dependent on a means of transport. Here is an overview of the best way to get from A to B using the free Disney Transportation System.
Would you prefer to move around without restrictions? Then a rental car may be the more suitable solution for you - here you will find a comparison of the different means of transport in Walt Disney World.