How dangerous are eating disorders

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Many young women feel too heavy and many young men not muscular enough, even though their bodies are beautiful just as they are. would like to support you in accepting yourself for who you are. If you should change your weight for health reasons or have an eating disorder, will show you possible ways to improve your situation.

These articles are of interest to our readers: “Characteristics of eating disorders”, “My weight is OK, but I'm still dissatisfied” and “Diets: yo-yo effect”. explains to you how overweight and underweight arise and what physical and emotional consequences can be expected, how you can gain weight or lose weight, what is part of a healthy diet, which diets are dangerous and why it makes sense to do sport (without exaggerating).

We not only eat to be full, but also to relax, to reward or to comfort ourselves. In extreme cases, up to the development of an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, orthorexia or Adonis complex. We explain how these eating disorders arise, what consequences they have and how you can help friends with this problem.

With our popular BMI calculator you can find out whether you are too heavy or too light or whether you have the right body weight for your age. Our anorexia test, bulimia test and orthorexia test give you tips for a possible eating disorder. Which statements about weight and eating disorders do you think are correct? Test your knowledge with “right or wrong”.

Do you work with young people? offers working tools with which you can deal with the issues of “weight and / or eating disorders” with young people.

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