How big is the Space x rocket

Success for CEO Elon Musk : SpaceX rocket lands safely for the first time on the fifth test flight

After four failed attempts, a prototype of the Starship rocket from the US company SpaceX landed successfully for the first time after a test flight. Shortly after landing, the video broadcast still showed flames at the base of the SN-15 rocket, which a SpaceX commentator described as not unusual. SN-15 stands for "serial number 15" - four previous models had exploded, some spectacularly, during or after the landing.

The flames were quickly extinguished after touching down. The aim of the tests was a gentle vertical landing of the 50-meter-long rocket. SpaceX uses desert-like terrain in the US state of Texas for the test flights.

"Starship landing nominal," tweeted company boss Elon Musk on Wednesday evening (local time) after the successful landing. "We're down, Starship has landed," the New York Times quoted SpaceX engineer John Insprucker as saying.

Billionaire Musk has set himself the goal of one day flying people to other planets with Starship. The US space agency Nasa recently commissioned the private company to develop the first commercial lunar landing device, which is supposed to take two astronauts to the earth's satellite. The order is valued at $ 2.89 billion.

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The moon mission, which, according to media reports, could take place as early as 2024, is considered a stepping stone for the first manned flight to Mars. The USA was the only country so far to bring twelve astronauts to Earth's satellite with the Apollo missions between 1969 and 1972. (AFP, dpa)

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