How ugly can a person be

10 questions to ask an ugly person that you would never dare ask yourself

And still: Do you sometimes hate beautiful people for having it so easy in life?
But it's only easier for them in superficial things! How you ride through life has more to do with your confidence than how you look. I myself had no problems with my appearance, more with authority. [Laughs] I've always been very confident. Even as a teenager, I had fewer complexes than others because I had to learn early on to get my confidence from other things.

Do you still turn to pretty women on the street?
As a modeling agent, I tend to turn to faces with character that would go well with Misfit models. I find that much more interesting. But unfortunately it doesn't work so well to approach potential models on the street. For one thing, my German is not good enough. And many women cannot imagine that I have a modeling agency, but rather believe that I just want their number. If I were a sleek guy in a suit it might be easier.

Would you date someone who is unattractive?
When I see a woman who is perfectly looking and dressed up, I tend to think: How long did she spend in the bathroom today? But I am already receptive to natural beauty. I think it's good to have a nice figure and a nice face. Not all of my friends were conventionally pretty, but they were at least average-looking.

Is it harder to be an ugly man or an ugly woman?
I think it's harder as a woman. Women in our society are still very much valued by how they look. Whether they have the wrong clothes or the wrong haircut. Sometimes women rate other women even more harshly than men. But life doesn't stop there. That sounds trite, but my advice is: find things you enjoy, make cool friends, and don't give a shit what other people think.

Can ugly people be vain too?
I am not vain at all. I don't care if my jeans have holes or a few stains. My Elvistolle is my only beauty routine. And like every model, I'm often tired of constantly talking about my appearance and my job. When someone in the bar asks me what I'm doing, I often say: cleaner. Then you can chat about more exciting things.

Are there moments when it's fun to be ugly?
The external aging process does not affect me as much as others. I have never defined myself by my appearance. And my adventures are wilder because I don't care how I look the next day. If someone hits me in the face in a bar fight, that's the way it is.

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