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Papperlapapp (German)

Part of speech: noun, (neuter)

Pap | per | la | papp, no plural
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˌpapɐlaˈpap]
Word meaning / definition:
1) nonsensical chatter, irrelevant talk
Origin of the term:
Substantivating the interjection papperlapapp
1) Chatter, chatter
Application examples:
1) “It should have been the light of the full moon that Jack the Ripper illuminated the way to his victims. And in New York, a hospital administration recently claimed that nine months after the full moon, the maternity ward was filled with much more yelling. [...] Humbug, nonsense, superstitious Papperlapapp - that's what the well-rested heads say in daylight. "
1) "That Papperlapapp at the next table suddenly became an issue for us too: old people looking for contact with their own kind. "
1) “In the ahistorical Papperlapapp "Was there a GDR culture at all?" I don't want to take part; [...]. "
Nominative: singular Papperlapapp; Plural
Genitive: singular Papperlapapps; Plural
Dative: singular Papperlapapp; Plural
Accusative: singular Papperlapapp; Plural

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

By young people for young people: The Bolzano Youth Center is innovative Papperlapapp as part of the "ExPEERience" project. A clothes swap party will take place on Saturday, April 13th.
Südtirol Online, April 9, 2019

This expulsion of the vice chief of security? Minor matter! Macron's idea of ​​a European army? Papperlapapp! The Florida election glitches? Nice distraction, but: it doesn't matter.
stern.de, November 16, 2018

As a given? Papperlapapp, we are not living in great-grandmotherly times. Oh no, today we have many great opportunities to trip Mother Nature and put an end to the hair frustration in the 40s.
Brigitte.de, October 4th, 2018

What can be the reason? Malicious twisting of some scribes? Deliberate omission on the part of corrupt editors? Papperlapapp, thinks Achgut.com cartoonist Jan Tomaschoff.
Achgut.com, October 10, 2019

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Sheet metal: a thin plate made of metal; in short: the baking sheet, a shallow tray made of sheet metal for the oven; singular only, music: the brass wind instruments; only singular, casually, transferred: stupid stuff; singular only, mocking: the orders of metal, medals; metal stove cover, for keeping the Shabbat by religiously law-abiding Jews when keeping food warm
  • Nonsense: Nonsense; nonsensical idea; unbelievable statement; disruptive action
  • Bullshit (coll.)
  • Bullshit
  • Driss (coll.): Nonsense; Shit, shit
  • Dummfug (coll.)
  • Fez (coll.): colloquial: funny nonsense; derogatory: nonsense; nonsense
  • Frippery (coll.): without plural: superfluous, useless stuff; without plural: intellectual nonsense, madness; rare: person who plans and implements pranks, mischief and follies
  • Drivel (coll., Derogatory): nonsensical, irrelevant or annoying talk
  • Gelaber (coll.): Shallow talk or what is said carelessly about it is called a gibberish. These words are mainly used in everyday language. Compositions such as stupid gibberish, senseless gibberish and authoritarian gibberish express a negative criticism that characterizes the verbal contributions of one or more people to the extent that they are hardly or not based on facts, knowledge or trains of thought, are not oriented towards the topic and are not helpful for them Solving a problem are.
  • Ramblings: Colloquial, derogatory: nonsensical, irrelevant or annoying talk
  • Gewäsch (coll.): irrelevant talk
  • Heckmeck (coll.): coll. for unnecessary excitement, hectic rush, confusion, unnecessary circumstances
  • humbug: casual, derogatory: something unbelievable, foolish
  • Kappes (coll.): Botany: vegetable plant white cabbage; nonsense
  • Kiki (coll.): female first name
  • Killefit (t) (coll., Rhenish)
  • Cabbage: Botany to the cruciferous family (Brassicaceae) belonging vegetable plant (Brassica oleracea); Gastronomy Food consisting of the vegetable plant described below
  • Kokolores (coll.): colloquial: something nonsensical, foolish (chatter)
  • Cramp: Medicine: unwanted strong muscle tension, which can be associated with very great pain; unsuccessful or disproportionate effort
  • Cheese: a solid dairy product; regional: Quark, especially in compounds such as cheesecake, cheese cake; Colloquially: nonsense, unrealistic, untrue
  • Crap: Excrement from stable animals mixed with litter; coll. something unsuitable or unpleasant; Austrian: garbage, garbage
  • Nonsense (coll.): Colloquially: nonsense that you don't need to pay attention to
  • nonsense: colloquial: something meaningless; nonsense
  • Nonsense
  • Pillepalle (coll.): colloquially a trifle, something insignificant
  • Pipifax (coll.): unimportant thing, nonsense
  • Quark: coagulated, white flocculated protein (casein) from cow's milk; Nonsense; irrelevant, unimportant thing
  • Nonsense: stupid, inconsistent statement; Folly, wrong, ill-considered, ill-advised act; Fooling around, childish behavior; something nonsensical; pulpy mud
  • Nonsense with sauce: (an assertion or the like) rejecting reply in the sense of "great nonsense", "complete nonsense", "nonsensical talk" or interjectively in the sense of "what nonsense!", "what nonsense!"
  • Shit (rough): vulgar swear expression: thing, thing, something (mostly: about which one is upset at the moment); vulgar swear phrase: unpleasant behavior or situation; (rarely) shit
  • Shit: colloquial, vulgar: mostly solid excretion of the intestine, feces; colloquial, vulgar: something bad, worthless, nonsensical; difficulties
  • Schmarren (coll.): South German, Austrian: dish from Austrian cuisine; mostly sweet, but there are also hearty variants; colloquial: nonsensical talk; Colloquially: tasteless or inferior goods
  • Schmarrn (coll.): South German, Austrian: dish from the Bavarian-Austrian cuisine; mostly sweet, but there are also hearty variants; colloquial: nonsensical talk; Colloquially: tasteless or inferior goods
  • Schmonzes (coll.): irrelevant, empty talk; Pretenses; Words that should grasp and make you submissive; colloquially worthless goods; Austria, figuratively speaking, colloquially: useless stuff; worthless stuff; kitsch
  • Schmu (coll.): Colloquially: something not entirely correct; relatively harmless fraud; easy, small fraud
  • Schmäh (coll., Austrian.): funny remark; misleading remark; Ability to
  • Weak joint (coarse)
  • Nonsense: Medicine, psychiatry, obsolescence: Mental handicap: intelligence quotient below 70; colloquially something nonsensical
  • Sottise (n) (go., French)
  • Stuss (coll.): Colloquial, derogatory: something that (annoyingly) was uttered or done in a nonsensical manner; something nonsensical, senseless, foolish
  • Tinnef (coll.): colloquial, derogatory: useless stuff; Colloquial, derogatory: something nonsensical, senseless, foolish
  • nonsense: nonsensical or inappropriate condition; nonsensical or improper act
  • Nonsense (main form): something that has no sense; rash act
  • Nonsense: something that has no comprehensible content (meaning) for the human mind; nonsense
  • stupid stuff
  • stupid talk (variable)
  • mental diarrhea (rough)
  • mental thin shit (coarse)
  • whisked shit (coarse)
  • stupid stuff

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Frills: ... kitsch, kid stuff, kid stuff, Kladderradatsch, chocolates, stuff, crap, nonsense, botch, nonsense, papperlapapp, nonsense, Schmarren, Pillpalle, snot, Schnulli, Schnullifax, stuss, trinkets ...

Kiki: Chatter, ramblings, gossip, gschmarri, humbug, cheese, chocolates, lorks, lurks, crap, mumbo-jumbo, botch, nonsense, cardboard, pills, nonsense, rubbish, bullshit, nonsense, nonsense, wishy-washy Application examples: 1) What your child buys for a kiki

Nonsense: Nonsense, humbug, chocolates, papperlapapp, pill pills, nonsense, rubbish, frills, wishy-washy; Nonsense application examples: 1) Although the Kamelopedia and the Stupidedia seem to be pure nonsense, behind many an article there is pure humor

Rhyme: German: -ap: ... from down the country down the pin-up side down the downstream valley down the stairs collapsed scarce snap ahead far away three-syllable overlap four-syllable cardboard ...

papperlapapp: ... - »Oh, papperlapapp! What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. «Words: 1) Papperlapapp Translations English: hogwash, pish-posh, poppycock, tommyrot…

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