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Selling jewelry from private to private

Question from a private jewelry seller:
I know at E-Bay and other auction houses.
But where else do you sell it? Dealers and collectors buy stamps and coins. Then do jewelers + goldsmiths buy jewelry, or are there also "jewelry collectors"?

After all, you have to find out where you can turn the jewelry for women back into EUROs if necessary.


First, the jewelry must be checked for authenticity and quality. Because mostly the original invoices are no longer available or the jewelry is damaged and scratched.
Then it has to be polished up in the goldsmith's workshop and the firm seat of the gemstones has to be checked by the gemstone setter.

The problem with the estimates is its own. I regularly receive jewelry deliveries, some with estimates of various types and grades. Some are meticulous and precisely others are mere courtesy estimates with fancy prices without detailed information on the carat, color, clarity of the diamonds or tests of the authenticity of gemstones such as ruby, emerald or sapphire.

I then start from scratch, even though the customer has already spent money on the estimate. :-(

If my customers want to deliver their jewelry for the jewelry exchange, I therefore do not charge any money for the examination, after all, they want to get money through the sale and not invest something first.

Only in the case of particularly high-quality diamonds is it worthwhile to prepare a diamond appraisal at higher offer prices so that the buyer has greater security for his investment. The diamonds are then sealed in tamper-proof with a small miniature summary of the report.

Heinrich Butschal

P.S. Every piece of jewelry is carefully checked and, if necessary, small signs of wear are removed. High-quality gift packaging from the jewelry store is used for shipping the jewelry.

And so the jewelry box is packed in a jewelry bag.

The shipping box is neutral again so that the gift jewelry does not reveal itself prematurely.

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