What does a continental breakfast consist of

What does continental breakfast mean?

When looking for a nice holiday destination, you have certainly come across the term “continental breakfast” and you may have wondered what it is. So here is a little explanation and information about the other types of breakfast available.

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What does a continental breakfast consist of?

The continental breakfast is a simple and small breakfast. It consists of

  • coffee or tea
  • Bread or rolls and possibly croissants
  • butter
  • and jam.

Since not all vacationers like sweets, many hotels add cheese and cold cuts. In this case, it is called an expanded continental breakfast. With a breakfast like this, which is served at the table in some hotels and in the form of a buffet in others, good restaurants also offer muesli, cornflakes, yoghurt, fruit and eggs in the form of boiled eggs, fried eggs or scrambled eggs. A extended continental breakfast is therefore much more extensive and filling than a simple continental breakfast.


Where does the name "continental breakfast" come from?

The continental breakfast or continental breakfast got its name from the British, whose breakfast often consists of numerous cold and warm dishes. They used this term to describe a breakfast that is rather meager for their standards. By the way, by the word continent you mean the entire European mainland.

What other types of breakfast are there?

For many holidaymakers, a simple or extended continental breakfast is completely sufficient. It is filling, but still light, so you can exercise and other activities right after breakfast. If you like a big breakfast, however, a full English or American breakfast is a better choice. These two types of breakfast consist of a lot more dishes and are therefore ideal if you are mostly on the move during the day and, for example, make nice trips in the area. After an extensive English or American breakfast, you will probably get by with a small snack at lunchtime, so that you only need a real meal in the evening.

What does continental breakfast include?

What does an English breakfast include?

In addition to bread, which is mostly toast, the English breakfast consists of many warm dishes. The porridge, a warm gruel that is cooked from oat flakes and water or milk, is very well known. You can eat it straight, or enjoy it with sweet or fresh fruit. In addition, dishes such as sausages, bacon, beans in tomato sauce or hash browns are served with an English breakfast.

Other specialties from the English kitchen are black pudding and white pudding. This is by no means pudding, but sausages, which in the variant as black pudding are similar to our blood sausages. A full English breakfast is therefore quite hearty and contains a lot of fat. You drink tea with him like the British or you choose coffee. Fruit juices are usually also available.

What is an American breakfast?

The American breakfast is similar to the English, because this type of breakfast also serves warm dishes such as crispy fried bacon, boiled or fried sausages, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, fried eggs and so-called hash browns, which are similar to potato hash browns. However, he also offers cold and lighter dishes such as muesli, oat flakes, corn flakes, yoghurt and fruit. Even tomatoes and vegetables such as mushrooms can be included.

Typical for an American breakfast is also white bread and the soft rolls known as biscuits, which are best spread with butter and jam or honey. Another important ingredient are the pancakes, small pancakes. They are traditionally eaten with maple syrup in the United States. With these many, very different dishes, the American breakfast is attractive both for holidaymakers who like hearty meals and for hotel guests who prefer sweets. In addition to coffee, there are also tea and fruit juices as drinks.

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