Are diamonds cheaper in South Africa?

In Soweto. Or in the Congo.
If the blood bothers you - it is also possible via DeBeers, South Africa / Holland.
As an investment form for ordinary people urgently not recommended - they can now be synthetically produced cheaper and it gets really crappy - in welded form - and with "expertise".
At De Beers, however, only as an accredited buyer. Not every HansWurst can go there.
Incidentally, blood on diamonds goes off very well with high-percentage hydrochloric acid.
dear bh: But you really know what your home remedies can be used for. My respect! ;-)
Grab a shovel and off to Africa. Good luck.
The cheapest way to get diamonds is to buy or buy jewelry from pawn shops. The uglier the jewelry, the cheaper the diamonds are, although they are often of good quality. Pawn shops also have the advantage that the piece of jewelery is professionally valued in detail and provided with a certificate. The diamonds can be peeled and the rest can be sold as old gold. Every now and then it can happen that a diamond breaks when being handled. The risk is there, but small.
Try it at
My tip: stay away from diamonds if you are not familiar with them. The mere question of where to buy cheap diamonds is disqualified.
So, wanting to buy diamonds "very, very cheap" is of course difficult if, as the previous speakers mentioned, you don't want to buy blood diamonds. Unless you buy small diamonds, which are usually barely visible. Normally, when buying diamonds, you should always insist on a certificate and seek detailed advice.
Well, franky? Just posted an advertisement? Not one post wrote that nobody would buy blood diamonds here. For example, I will immediately if I only have to pay a fraction of the price for it. Have you never bought anything that might have fallen off the truck?
Let's see what else comes of you smart.