What is the disadvantage of a computer

Reconciling the advantages and disadvantages of the computer

The computer has many advantages, but also disadvantages. This is how you get the most out of your computer without suffering from the disadvantages.

The computer as a scientific helper

  • Science, too, can show faster successes than before. Because today results are calculated faster and, thanks to global networking, they are also compared internationally and made public.
  • Search engines can help you find an answer to almost anything and expand your knowledge in no time. If you need directions, you can use Google Maps to plan a route within seconds and calculate it with alternative routes. Before, you would have had to spend hours studying maps.

Take advantage of the computer

  • The technical advantages of the computer are the possibility of storing large data and amounts of information in the smallest of spaces. You no longer need any filing cabinets.
  • The computer supports you in your work. One of the greatest things about computers is that they do a lot of work for you and even do some arithmetic for you. You can solve bills in no time.
  • The computer allows you to quickly calculate complicated measurements and their cross-checks. This will save you a lot of time and money.
  • Further advantages: When you write letters, the computer or Word or other special programs correct your spelling and grammar. In the past, you should have asked someone else to help you and to read and correct your texts.
  • The computer or special programs for the computer can even translate foreign language texts for you. Or the computer can help you with creating tables just as it does with creating your tax return. The computer will help you to answer all your questions in the shortest possible time. Use websites like Wikipedia for this.
  • The use of the computer is also a good aid in leisure time. If you want to get to know new people, you can first "appraise" new people via leisure forums, dating or flirt exchanges and then meet them in real life.

Avoid the disadvantages of the computer

Of course, the computer also has its disadvantages:

  • Your own ability to recognize complex relationships is declining. The reason for this is that you rely more and more on the computer as a calculator and Google and other "knowledge portals" as aids to knowledge and thinking.
  • The basic understanding of the German language suffers from the auto-correction functions, i.e. the grammar and spelling control in writing programs such as Word. In the long run, you will put less and less effort into writing.
  • Computer games can not only be addicting. It has been shown to make you lethargic and, in the worst case, depressed or aggressive. Therefore, you should avoid computer games, especially if they are violent games. Children in particular should not be given access to such games.

Compensate for the disadvantages of the computer

  • Instead of computer games, it is better to use good, old dice games, there are no disadvantages. Knowledge games such as "who will be a millionaire" are entertaining and are more fun in groups in "real life" than online in front of the computer. This balance is especially important for children.
  • There are other disadvantages to using the computer: Prolonged use can cause headaches. It's bad for the eyes. Therefore, you should always take breaks, get some fresh air and, for example, look at the calming green foliage of the trees, your eyes will recover from this.

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