How safe is Indonesia

Indonesia security

Indonesia is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia - but is it safe to travel to Indonesia? We have good news for you: Like most other Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia is a safe travel destination. Bali in particular is extremely safe as a popular holiday destination. As in any other travel destination, common sense and following some safety rules are essential to ensure your safety in Indonesia.

Safety tips for your Indonesia vacation

Take care of your valuables

As in all travel destinations, you should not take any valuables with you when you are traveling in Indonesia. Better to leave them in the hotel safe. At least you shouldn't show what you're taking with you.

Keep your distance from animals

Beware of stray dogs. Many of you have rabies. The same goes for monkeys. So keep your distance from the animals!


There are some volcanoes in Indonesia that can also be climbed. Individual travelers must find out beforehand whether they are currently active. On our Indonesia trips, the local tour guide and travel agent will take care of this for you. If necessary, we will adapt your travel route.

Travel as a woman

As a woman, you can safely travel alone through Indonesia. However, it is not recommended to go out alone at night. You shouldn't necessarily use motorcycle taxis either. Also keep in mind that Indonesia is a Muslim country and revealing clothing (away from the beaches) is not appropriate. Keep your knees and shoulders covered!

Be careful in traffic

For your safety in Indonesia, you should be particularly careful in traffic. From a European point of view, the situation is very chaotic. Even if many Indonesians use it, as a tourist you shouldn't ride a motorcycle. This leads to a particularly large number of accidents!

Indonesia safe and worry-free

Our travel consultants will be happy to advise you on security issues in Indonesia.When planning and implementing your trip, your safety is our top priority, For domestic flights we only use airlines that meet the highest safety standards. Your local guide will be happy to assist you during your trip. You can also reach your travel agent around the clock, seven days a week.


Please note: Despite careful research, we cannot accept any liability for the information given here. Further information can be found on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.