Is the functional analysis part of the real analysis?

Online seminar: Clinical Functional Analysis and Manual Structural Analysis in Daily Practice (CMD-I)

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Course: 9909
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Axel Bumann, Berlin
Points according to BZÄK / DGZMK guidelines: 18

The manual structure analysis (MSA) has established itself in the last twenty years in addition to the conventional clinical functional analysis as a scientifically sound method to be carried out routinely in functional diagnostics. Due to the current DGZMK guidelines and relevant legally binding judgments, a functional analysis is currently required before any reconstructive and orthodontic treatment. It is also required as part of follow-up checks and consiliar co-diagnosis in the event of disorders in the musculoskeletal system or the hearing organ.

Using specific passive tests, the suspected diagnoses from the clinical functional analysis are specifically differentiated or latent functional disorders are revealed for the first time before reconstructive or orthodontic treatment. In this way, “problem cases” can be filtered out in a targeted manner before the respective treatment. This basic course deals with the principles of manual structural analysis, the anatomical and physiological principles, the centric condyle position and the so-called routine protocol.

In addition to this basic course, which is a prerequisite for the following courses, three further, advanced courses are offered. In CMD-II, the pain protocol, cracking protocol and limitation protocol are dealt with and real patients are examined. In CMD-III, all dental and manual therapeutic therapy concepts are systematically discussed. In CMD-IV, the practically relevant instrumental methods are discussed and demonstrated and the systematic evaluation of MRIs and DVTs is learned. The detailed discussion of 49 relevant treatment and cost plans rounds off the curriculum. Of course, not all four parts of the curriculum have to be booked.

curriculum vitae
After studying dentistry, Prof. Dr. Bumann successively advanced training courses in oral surgery and orthodontics, received his doctorate in 1988 and qualified as a professor in orthodontics in 1992. In the same year he became senior physician and deputy. Clinic Director in Orthodontics. In 1996 he was appointed associate professor in Kiel. After receiving 14 national and international research prizes and professorships in Winnipeg (Canada), Vancouver (Canada), the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, the Harvard Medical School and Boston University, Prof. Dr. Bumann today with four colleagues two orthodontic practices ( in Berlin. He is also in the Department of Craniofacial Sciences and Therapy at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

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