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Science class - bats

from grade 2

What wonderful and yet little noticed creatures bats are: Not only can they hang upside down from the ceiling thanks to their physionomy, but also have a pronounced sense of direction even in the dark. Injustice, they are still mentioned in connection with blood-sucking vampires. The nocturnal mammals provide plenty of topics for discussion and discussion in primary school. To the pupils of the 2nd-4th grade There are numerous worksheets waiting for the primary school and special needs school classes to provide girls and boys with child-friendly information about bats. For example, they learn that there are over 21 different bat species in the world. The index files are provided with individual links that include: keep the courtship calls of the mammals ready to listen to. In addition, the children can create a profile about their favorite species. The teaching material also includes a bat calendar, which informs the children about when the mammals take which action. Students who may take part in remedial classes or who generally find reading a little difficult have also been thought of. The bat book is ready for you, and it works almost without text. With the help of lovingly designed pictures, it nevertheless conveys all the important information. With the search game, the bat game or a special quiz, the children can prove themselves to be true experts in the field.


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