Where is a brilliant place to hide something

15 secret places to hide belongings

Most people value their privacy - especially when it comes to their belongings. To protect them from thieves, some people get extraordinarily resourceful. In your home there are entire rooms behind hidden doors, or small hidden compartments offer space for valuable belongings.

DIY and upcycling friends, take note: Here are ideas for building your own furniture (scroll down to the article.)

15 people dare to show their hiding places for their belongings in the following pictures. These are both self-made and pre-existing secret places.

1. "My kitchen floor has a built-in refrigerator."

My kitchen floor has a built-in cooler. from r / mildlyinteresting

2. Behind this door is a small apartment. Does a mouse live here?

hmmm from r / hmmm

3. "A bedside table with a nice little secret."

Nightstand with a nice little secret? from r / secretcompartments

4. "I built a recessed cupboard behind our mirror."

Made a hidden recessed cabinet behind our existing mirror from r / DIY

5. "A homemade storage or router box made from books."

DIY hidden storage book box / router cover from r / DIY

6. "This (foldable) bench in my basement covers a rock."

This bench in my basement that conceals a boulder. from r / mildlyinteresting

7. "This Dixie toilet door leads into a 'real' toilet."

This porta potty that opens into an actual restroom. from r / mildlyinteresting

8. A hidden puzzle table

Hidden Puzzle Table

9. “Me and my father built this set of four secret dice boxes. Too bad we couldn't paint it black and white. "

Me and my dad made this quadruple secret compartment dice set. Too bad we couldn't have painted it black and white. from r / woodworking

10. "My parents' en-suite bathroom."

My parents ’en-suite! from r / secretcompartments

11. “In a farmhouse from the 1860s. The door leads to a small crawl space. "

In an 1860’s farmhouse, leads to a crawl space in the basement from r / whatisthisthing

12. "A normal socket behind a small door in a normal apartment."

Regular wall socket behind a miniature door in a regular apartment from r / secretcompartments

13. "I made a bookend that contains a small hidden compartment."

I made a book stand with a small hidden compartment (description in comments) from r / secretcompartments

14. "I built these drawers that 'hide' under the stairs."

I made these storage drawers that hide under the stairs from r / DIY

15. "A small door that is hidden behind a picture."

Little door hidden behind a painting here from r / secretcompartments

It is exciting to see how many options there are to safely hide your things from thieves or inquisitive people. Do you also have a secret place where you keep your most valuable things or just your favorite sweets?

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