Why does chocolate contain vanilla?

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What is inside very much depends on the individual chocolate. Cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar are found in all chocolates. But there are big differences. The cocoa beans vary in quality. Expensive cocoa beans make a mild and tasty chocolate. Cheap beans taste bitter and sour. Good chocolates contain real vanilla as the most important additional flavoring substance, while cheap chocolates contain artificial vanillin. In addition, the expensive and high-quality cocoa butter in the cheap chocolates is partially replaced by pure butter. White chocolate and milk chocolate contain variable proportions of milk powder and cream or whey powder. Vegan chocolate does not contain any animal products, i.e. no concentrated butter and no cream or milk powder, it is also lactose-free.

How much cocoa is in the chocolate?

The cocoa content in black chocolate is often 70% or more. Milk chocolate contains approx. 25% cocoa plus milk or cream powder. The white chocolate only contains cocoa butter and sugar, but no cocoa mass, but milk powder.

Does chocolate make you happy?

For every real chocolate fan it is absolutely clear that enjoying your favorite treat makes you happy. Scientists have also dealt with this question and have come across interesting results. There are more than 300 ingredients in chocolate. These include those that have a stimulating effect or can create a feeling of happiness. It even contains a substance that is said to help against lovesickness.

Is chocolate unhealthy?

A question that is asked again and again is whether chocolate makes you fat. In fact, it is quite high in calories. A bar of chocolate contains around 500 calories, 40g fat, 50g sugar, 9g protein and 1g contain other ingredients.
So chocolate is a real treat and should certainly not be devoured in blocks. But if you eat a healthy and varied diet and get enough exercise or exercise, good chocolate is certainly not unhealthy when consumed in reasonable quantities.
One way to reduce fat content and calories is to use highly de-oiled cocoa powder instead of chocolate in cakes or chocolate drinks.

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