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Protect your privacy: Here's how you can clear your Google search history

Google stores all of your searches in your personal activity when you're signed in with your Google account - this can be handy. But what to do if, for example, curious colleagues at work want to spy on your search history or if you want to hide your research on a birthday present for your significant other? UPDATED gives you tips on how to clear Google search history on your computer, iPhone, or Android phone.

Clear Google search history on your computer

You can check the history of the search engine on your Windows PC and Mac edit and delete directly in the browser - for example in Chrome, Edge or Safari.

Erase Google's short-term memory: remove the last six requests

To use Google's search history, you must be signed in to your Google account in your web browser. Attention: All deletion actions in the following steps lead to the loss of the respective history entries - subsequent restoration is not possible. Therefore, you should save hits that you might want to use later as bookmarks. To clear the six most recent searches, do the following:

  1. On the google.de website, click in the central search field below the “Google” text.
  2. A list will now fold down below the input field containing your last six search queries.
A quick look back: a click in the Google search field brings up the list with the last six search terms.
  1. To the right of the respective search term, click on the link Remove.
  2. The term is then deleted and the message "This search query has been removed from your web log" appears in its place.

No search history despite registration?

You click in the Google search field and no history overview appears, even though you have signed in with your Google account? This phenomenon occurs when you have set Google as your homepage in your browser and the preferred service for web search is also Google. Then the message “Search in Google or enter URL” appears in the search field, while a mouse click has no effect. You can easily solve the problem by entering www.google.de in the address bar above. Now the history window should reappear after a mouse click in the search field.

Delete search history in the activities

If you want to access more than your last six searches, go to the Google menu “My Activities”.

  1. Click on your portrait in the top right corner of the browser window. In the window that now appears, press the blue button Google account.
  2. In the middle bar Personal data & privacy you click on the link at the bottom Go to my activities.
  3. Now Google will present you your collected activities, separated according to, for example Search, image search, help and Youtube. If you click on one of these terms in the top bar, the display is reduced to the respective category.
  4. Do you want all entries for todayClear, you click in the turquoise bar Today on the three dots on the right margin, followed by Clear.
  5. Google is now advising you that the data cannot be restored. Confirm this warning message with Clear.
You can use the “Delete” function in the “Today” menu to delete all of the search queries that you entered today.
  1. If you want to delete all search queries within a certain period of time, you open the main menu by clicking on the three points in the browser window at the top right and choose Delete activities after.
  2. Click on Todayto see the predefined time periods - for example Last 7 days or Total so far. The latter command removes all of your searches from the Google servers.
  3. Alternatively, put the start date in the area on the left (for example January 1st) and on the right the end date (for example July 31) of the desired period.
  4. If you click on the button All products If you click, you can limit the deletion process to your search queries by clicking the entry there search select.
  5. A final click on Clear removes all entries for the selected period from the search history.

Delete entire search blocks

Google summarizes Search queries that are close together in time into blocks that provide a better overview in the activity display. In the activity overview, at the bottom of such a block, next to "Entries", the number of search queries it contains is shown. Clicking on it reveals all the related requests, which you can remove in one go using the points menu and "Delete". Alternatively, you can click on the three-point menu in the title bar of the relevant block and select "Delete" there.

Clear Google search history on iPhone

On your iPhone delete the search history in the Safari browser. Go to www.google.de and, if necessary, enter your Google account credentials to access the history entries.

  1. Tap the three lines to the left of the Google logo to open the menu.
  2. Choose Settings and tap the link at the top of the list Manage to the right of Search history. You get into the area My activities.
On the iPhone, delete the Google search history in Safari under "My Activities"
  1. Around all of today's searches To delete, tap on the three dots on the right edge of the bar Today and choose Clear.
  2. Around a whole block to delete, which contains several search queries that are close together in time, swipe down to the corresponding block, open the three-dot menu in the title bar of the block and select Clear.
  3. Around Requests made during a certain period of time to delete, open the three-dot menu in the line My activities and tap on Delete activities after. Select a predefined period under Delete by date or enter a start and end date. Select by tapping if necessary All products a certain rubric such as search and confirm the action with Clear.
  4. To delete all saved searches, do you go to the three-point menu of My activities, tap on the selection field directly below Delete by date and choose the option Total so far.

Clear Google search history on Android devices

You delete the search queries on smartphones or tablets with the Android operating system via the Google app:

  1. After starting the Google app, press the menu button with the three horizontal bars in the lower right corner of the display.
  2. Tap Settings, followed by Accounts & data protection and My activities.
  3. Do you want just delete today's search terms, open the three-dot menu to the right of Today and tap on Clear.
  4. You can remove entire search blocks in one go, by clicking on the number of entries below the block and then the option in the three-dot menu Clear choose.
  5. You delete time-limited requests in the three-dot menu of the line My activities with the command Delete activities after. Tap Todayto select a predefined time period or enter a start and end date to include the relevant entries Clear remove from history. By tapping the field All products you can limit the deletion process to certain entries.
  6. Do you want to delete all search queries from the history, you use the command Delete activities after from the three-dot menu of My activities, tap on the field below Delete by date and choose Total so far.

Surf anonymously without leaving digital footprints

If you want to avoid your activities on the web being logged in the first place, just use the private or incognito mode of your browser. No data is transmitted to the websites visited and the session does not appear in the search history of the browser or in Google activities. How to activate private mode in different browsers:

  • Google Chrome: Open the three-dot menu in the top right and select New incognito window.
  • Apple Safari: In the lower right corner, tap the icon with the two squares for the tab overview and select the option Private, followed by Done.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Use the menu button in the top right to get to the option New private window.
  • Edge: Click the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner, then click New InPrivate window.
  • Opera: Open the Opera menu in the top left and select Windows and tabs. Now you have the choice between New private tab or New private window
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More privacy when surfing the web with Google

Thanks to the storage of the search history in your Google account, you can access your previously used search terms on all your computers and mobile devices. To protect your privacy and from the prying eyes of other people, you can delete individual queries, topic blocks, specific time frames or all previous search terms from your Google activities. This works very quickly and easily with the overview in "My Activities" on Windows computers and Macs or on smartphones.

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