What are the top 10 alcohol brands

Top 10: These are the world's best-selling liquor brands - bet you don't know them all?

More strong alcohol is sold worldwide than ever before. Some of the best-selling spirits are some of our very well-known and popular brands - but also a few companies that most of us have never heard of. Or have you ever heard of the number 1? (Read here: These 5 tequilas are a must-have)

Place 10: Bacardi

For a few years now, Bacardi has been relying on new variations of its rum worldwide - sometimes with a vanilla flavor, sometimes with coconut, sometimes a spiced rum variant. And the premium range has also been expanded again with the four-year-old Añejo Cuatro, a soft and aromatic rum that can also be enjoyed neat.

9th place: Johnnie Walker

The classic among the blended Scotch whiskeys: In addition to the “normal” shades of red, black and blue, the White Walker version of the last season of “Game of Thrones” was a great success last year and the worldwide Boosted sales of the brand. (You can order the whiskey here)

8th place: Tanduay Rum

The first exotic on the list: Tanduay Rum is produced in the Philippines and is particularly widespread in Asia. But there are now more and more fans of the brand in Europe too. (Also Read: GQ Drink Guide - Everything You Need To Know About Rum)

7th place: Royal Stag Whiskey

The first Indian whiskey on the list. As a whiskey producer, India has worked its way up to a global big player almost unnoticed by Europe. This is mainly due to the fact that whiskey is by far the most popular strong alcohol in India. And with currently around 1.35 billion people, you can already move a few bottles. (Read here: 5 Bond cocktails to take home)

6th place: Smirnoff

The best-selling vodka in the world. Smirnoff was founded 156 years ago in Moscow, but is now based in the USA and belongs to the spirits giant Diageo. The introduction of a new line in the USA that does not use sugar in the distillation has ensured very stable sales in recent years.

5th place: Imperial Blue

The next Indian whiskey on this list: Imperial Blue blends imported Scottish malts with Indian grain whiskey to create a blend that is smooth and velvety. The company was only founded in 1996 and is now part of the Pernod Ricard Group.

4th place: White Claw Hard Seltzer

The best-selling American schnapps has not really reached us yet. Hard Seltzer is actually nothing more than mineral water with alcohol and mostly added fruit flavors. Hardly any calories, with around 5 percent relatively little alcohol, gluten-free - the drink for figure-conscious drinkers who do not attach great importance to taste or style.

3rd place: Officer's Choice whiskey

Again whiskey from India. Originated as a cheap whiskey for the working class, there are now also high-quality blends in which selected Scottish malts are married with Indian grains. (Also Read: These Are The Best Selling Gin Brands In The World)

2nd place: McDowell's No. 1

India again, but this time more than just whiskey: McDowell's No. In addition to the obligatory whiskey, 1 also sells Indian brandy and Indian rum and has been in second place among the best-selling spirits brands in the world since 2019. (Also Read: These Are The Best Selling Whiskey Brands In The World)

1st place: Jinra Soju

The undisputed leader of the world's best-selling spirits brands is this rice schnapps (soju) from the South Korean company Jinro. Soju is the most popular spirit in Korea and is also very popular beyond the country's borders. Jinro is the leading brand here - with sales almost three times that of # 2 on this list, McDowell's. (Also Read: Incredible: This Restaurant In China Brings Customers On The Scales And Recommends Food Based On Body Mass Index)

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