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Where can I find the seller's terms and conditions on eBay? (Direct link)

Dealers who sell on eBay have to revise their terms and conditions in the next few days. But the way to find them is extremely cumbersome (My eBay - under eBay account settings - show settings for commercial sellers - edit the legal information of the provider on the item page).

Direct link to edit the seller-eBay terms and conditions

Here is the direct link! (prior login required)

The terms and conditions are not saved in HTML form.

DANGER: When it comes to "Additional, legally required information", eBay often cuts off the text without notice! Since this is not activated immediately under the offers, this can be missed. Therefore call up the link above again and check whether the text has been completely saved.

Direct link to edit the eBay cancellation policy

By the way, the cancellation policy is, contrary to what is currently indicated in the help, under "General conditions for your offers" (direct link to the cancellation policy for eBay sellers). With "Assign offers, offers are assigned to these general conditions. An error is displayed if you assign 0 offers, which can quickly happen with offers in several general conditions.

Direct link to edit the Amazon cancellation policy

The text on the right of withdrawal at Amazon can be found (logged in) here (as well as other legal texts).

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