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The best corporate websites of 2016

The Corporate Benchmark 2016 shows that not all, but many corporate websites are technically up to date. The best-placed companies in the ranking use their websites to convince a large audience with current messages, images, texts, videos and corporate identity and to enter into a dialogue with stakeholders.

Importance of the website
For the chemical company BASF, its own website is “the most important information channel and collection point for all external information”. The website also plays a key role at the technology company ABB: "In the digital media mix, our homepage is the central hub to bring together all of our digital communication activities."

Fresenius sees it no differently: “The website is our visiting card on the Internet. Many visitors get their first picture of Fresenius here. We are not a company that has a broad public presence through our products or services. There are also regular users, investors and analysts, journalists and - not to forget - many of our own employees. These user groups look very specifically for current information. Nevertheless, we try to offer these users points of contact with interesting content, so to speak 'by the wayside', in order to delve deeper into the site and thus to deal with our brand for longer.

Other communication tools
In addition, other digital communication tools are particularly important for companies. ABB: “Not least because of the advertising opportunities, third-party channels such as Facebook and Twitter, for example, are becoming increasingly important in reaching our target groups. ”And for BASF, the website must“ be part of integrated online communication. Social media channels are an indispensable component as dialogue platforms, as are chat functions that we offer on our website. "

Social media are also very important to Fresenius: “Here we have the opportunity to get our content and messages directly into the digital living rooms of our target groups - provided we offer attractive content and hit the right note. "

Worst mistake
Missing contact persons, information hidden in the navigation and difficult to find, long waiting times - the list of no-gos is comparatively long. When asked about the worst possible flaw in a website, ABB also mentions typography, among other things: "We definitely wouldn't recommend comic sans and background jingles for corporate websites."

Digital change
What is it that fascinates a company like BASF most about digital change? And where does it see risks? “The greatest possibility is to reach people around the world quickly. The greatest risk in a large company: that you cannot keep up with the speeds required today. In addition, every company must have a clear digital strategy and not jump on every train. "

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