Can defeat Thor Sentry

Robert Reynolds

NicknamesVoid, the golden, golden guardian of good
Real nameRobert Reynolds
speciesHuman (genetically enhanced by the serum)
place of birthUnknown
First appearanceSentry # 1 (2000, September)
GroupingsThe mighty avengers, the new avengers
inventorPaul Jenkins, Jae Lee

Robert Reynolds, better known as Sentry, is a member of the mighty Avengers. The Sentry is often described as one of the strongest characters in the entire Marvel Universe.

Skills [edit | Edit source]

He got all of his skills from the Super Soldier Serum. This gave the Sentry the strength of a thousand exploding suns. Because of this, most of his fights end in victory for him. So he was able to defeat Carnage, Hulk, Ares and Thor, among others.

The serum made Sentry superhumanly fast and able to dodge pistol shots without any problems. The serum also improved his stamina, agility, and reflexes. Through his refined senses, he could hear and catch the shot of a sniper rifle.

Sentry can also manipulate molecules, which is why it can change its shape into any shape. He also has the power of Photokinesis and can shoot light from his hands. Through his psionic abilities he was able to delete the memories of all people or insert his own into other people. It also has its own healing factor. Twice he was even able to bring himself back from the dead, although his molecules were completely wiped out. But he can also raise other people or beings from the dead. He is also able to fly.

The few weaknesses the Sentry has haunt Reynolds all the more. He has been suffering from mental health problems for a long time and is very easy to manipulate, although he actually has a very high intellect.

Strangely enough, his powers inexplicably weaken in the negative zone. The longer he stays there, the weaker his skills ultimately become. Robert cannot control his full strength, which is why he usually has to hold back. He himself is afraid to go into a fight angry or to let his emotions out.

History [edit | Edit source]

The Operation: Rebirth had the goal of creating a new superhero serum. But this time it should be a lot stronger than Captain America's. The operation was discontinued due to internal problems. After several years, meth addict Robert Reynolds went to Cornelius Worth's laboratory. There he looked for more drugs, but found only one copy of the serum. Reynolds drank the serum and transformed into a powerful being. He hired Worth to make more copies of the serum. Worth tested his powers with the Sentry for a long time and carried out investigations on it. That's how it came about Project: Sentry. At some point Robert no longer wanted to spend his time there and left the project. At some point he met Lindy Lee, whom he later married.

After many years, Reynolds became an alcoholic as an old man. He still lived with his wife, but longed for his old superhero days. He used to fight the evil villain Void. He was also the sentry's greatest archenemy. When he met Richards again in New York, Reynolds warned him about the powerful Void, as he suspected that the former villain would return. Richards could hardly remember Reynolds, however. At home he found a wedding video of this one. Shortly thereafter, however, Reed realized that this video was a message from the Sentry. He told him that he hoped Reed would never have to see this video. Otherwise everyone's hope would long ago be lost. Doctor Strange then showed Richards the past and he realized that Reynolds himself was the mighty Void at the time. Meanwhile, Reynolds amassed several superheroes for the final battle against the Void. He visited the Watchtower, which was his old superhero headquarters. There he found out that a virus was holding back the memories of Reynolds. He disabled this virus and people remembered him again. Richards realized that Reynolds was a mentally unstable person. It was then that Reynolds stole memories from people.

The heroes feared he would destroy the whole world. So they had to erase the memories of him again, especially those of Reynolds himself. After a long time, the new Avengers found the much younger Reynolds in the maximum security prison at Rykers Island. He had delivered himself there because he believed that he had murdered his own wife. He then helped the Avengers prevent a mass prison break.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • Marvel first made it look like the Sentry was a forgotten character from the 1950s. However, it wasn't added to the Marvel Universe until 2000.

Individual Notes [edit | Edit source]