How should I create the webinar registration funnel

"How to create your sales process (marketing funnel), even if you are at war with technology"

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"Online Marketing Contribution: Marketing Funnel"

Information as of August 3, 2020

If you want to sell a product or service professionally on the Internet, you will encounter several major problems:
a) the complicated technology,
b) x-different auxiliary programs must also be installed and learned. These must be configured in the correct order and free of errors. Help, who else can see?

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Why so complicated? Use one Funnel software.
A funnel is called a funnel in English. Since the word funnel is better known in this context, let's use it that way.

"Table of contents: The sales funnel"


"The theory about the marketing funnel"

At a Sales funnel it is a structured sales process that consists of a series of landing pages and content. The aim is to get a prospect to take an action (conversion). The landing pages do not contain any distracting elements such as navigation and concentrate on a single goal: to receive the email address of the prospect and to convert it step by step to our customer using email marketing.

For example, a funnel can look like this:

  1. advertising
    Our ad appears on one of the many platforms on the Internet.
  2. Landing page
    If the need-raising advertisement is clicked, the visitor comes to our squeeze page or to a landing page. This one website was created especially for the people who clicked on this advertisement.
    Advertising and landing page must be perfectly coordinated.
    This website works with a psychological sales text or a sales video.
  3. Thank you page
    If the visitor has filled out this website and sent it off, he will receive a thank you page. Here he is thanked for his action and informed about the next steps. Any digital gift (lead magnet) will be given to interested parties on this website.
  4. Emails
    Now we need different ones Touchpoints (Contact points). We send the potential customer emails with which we build trust, convey useful information and prove our expertise.
    Often it takes up to 7 contacts or more before a sale takes place.
  5. offer
    We submit an offer to the interested party.
  6. Order page / e-shop
    Hopefully one day the time will come: the first order.
  7. confirmation
    Now the prospect became a customer!
    Up to here everything is done completely automatically for us!

“It will seldom be possible to create the funnel fully profitably from the start. It is therefore very important to consistently optimize the adjustment screws mentioned here step by step! "

There are different funnels. Let's look at two more examples in detail:

Example: "A webinar funnel"

  1. Interested parties click on our advertisement.
  2. Interested parties come to the landing page (webinar registration)
  3. Interested parties register with their email address.
  4. Interested parties come to the thank you page.
  5. Interested parties will receive an email.
  6. Interested parties take part in the webinar.
  7. Ideally, the interested party buys our offer.
  8. Interested parties come to the website of a payment provider.

Example: "A webinar funnel for coaching"

  1. Interested parties click on our advertisement.
  2. Interested parties come to the landing page (webinar registration)
  3. Interested parties register with their email address.
  4. Interested parties come to the thank you page.
  5. Interested parties will receive an email.
  6. Interested parties take part in the webinar.
  7. A link will be posted in the webinar.
  8. The interested party registers for a phone call.
  9. We will call the interested party.
  10. Ideally, the interested party books our coaching.

"What to do"

Let's list some of the possible steps here.

  • Create and book advertising
  • Create or get a freebie
  • Build landing site
  • Create or have a sales text created
  • If necessary, create videos or have them created
  • Connect to email marketing
  • Connect the payment module
  • Perform split tests
  • Call interested party

For almost each of the steps you need a plug-in or a separate program, which you have to evaluate first.

With these steps you have taken the most important steps, but you have by no means exhausted all of the marketing opportunities.

"The alternative to setting up a sales funnel"

And now imagine that you have a single tool that provides the following features:

  • Fix ready-made templates
    Numerous ready-made templates for different page types are available to you with just one click. You just add your text.
  • Bounce tool
    Approximately 92% of all website visitors leave your website without making a purchase! Use the bounce tool to bring them back again!
  • Exit popup
    Before a visitor leaves your website, make them a special offer that they cannot refuse.
  • Members area
    Courses, coaching, products and videos can be marketed in the best possible way via a separate member area. Each customer gets his own profile and can access his products at any time from any device.
  • Survey tool
    Qualify your prospects in advance and use different results pages.
  • Split test tool
    Split tests are recommended when increasing sales. You only need to test two variants of a website against each other to find out which of them generates more sales. These split tests can be easily created in a few seconds and evaluated in real time.

  • Email Marketing
    Generate leads, record customers or carry out follow-up campaigns. With a comprehensive email marketing tool, you can implement all processes to make your online marketing as effective as possible. Since everything is available in one software, you can collect leads from the form tool, opt-in box element, webinar tool and member area with just a few clicks.
  • Automated webinars
    Realize live or automated webinars for your prospects and customers.
    Elements such as text, images, opt-ins, buttons, countdowns, bullet points, shortage counters, social proof boxes, conversion pixels and much more await you.
  • Mouse tracking tool
    With a mouse tracking tool, visitor behavior is also available in graphic form. This allows you to see which segments of your website convert best and where there is still room for improvement. This increases online sales.
  • WordPress integration
    A special plugin has been developed for WordPress that you can download and install. In this way, the created funnel pages can be integrated into your domain via WordPress with just a few clicks of the mouse. Of course, the connection is optimized for SEO.
  • GDPR
    Finally, the whole project is legally secured.

"You benefit from positive aspects"

  • All under one roof
  • manageable costs
  • easy handling
  • everything in German
  • no installation on your computers
  • Support

"Potential Suppliers"

Several providers share the market. Let's take a look at the following three recommended examples!


For example, you can try FunnelCockpit * for 14 days for free! It contains i.a.
➤ Funnels
➤ Tracking
➤ Video player
➤ Webinars
➤ Sending e-mails
➤ Members area
➤ Blog
➤ Forms
➤ Ordinary websites
➤ Mouse tracker
➤ Polls
➤ Webinars
➤ Split tests
➤ Constant further developments


With Elopage * you sell digital products, access areas, tickets and software. This product can be tried out free of charge for 30 days.


Mobile funnels
A mobile funnel is a series of online steps that turn your visitors into leads and new customers. Just like you would in person, just online and automated. Over 90% of your social media visitors are on the move today. Completely new principles apply to smartphones than to PCs. This online tool was specially developed for smartphones and is successful on all devices.

Create yours with the easiest editor in the world Mobile funnelswho have only one goal: to acquire new, qualified leads and new customers. Without design or programming experience and without any prior knowledge. Tested templates for every industry and connections to over 1,000 tools will help you.
Perspective *

"What are mobile funnels?"

What some internet agencies like to sell for several thousand bucks can be solved by a layperson with Perspective. Not only that, with a little practice even in minutes! The secret are the templates. The individual elements can be moved with drag and drop. Depending on the element clicked, the commands that are possible for this element appear on the left in the screen. Take a look at the following example:

"Which funnel is right for my company?"

"The advantages of the online tool Perspective Funnels"

  • There is only one goal
    Gaining new, qualified leads and new customers.
  • Without prior knowledge
    Without design or programming experience and without any prior knowledge.
  • Smartphones are impatient
    The fastest possible loading times ensure a good conversion!
  • Who likes to type on mobiles?
    90% more interaction by simply typing instead of entering a lot of text.
  • trust
    More trust through serious and modern design.
  • Customized
    More qualified leads through personalized results pages.
  • Templates make life a lot easier
    Easily generate leads with tested templates.
  • Weekly live training
    You can get even more out of the tools in online seminars.
  • Blog
    Those who prefer to read are very well served with tips and tricks in the blog.
  • Support
    Support when you don't know what to do next.
  • Conclusion
    With Perspective Funnels you can easily create your mobile-optimized websites so that you can win leads & new customers cheaply, easily and online.
    With the simplest editor in the world, you can create your first mobile funnel without any design or programming knowledge in just a few minutes. Prescribed texts, tested templates for every industry and integrations in over 1,000 online tools help you publish the mobile funnel that is right for you at the push of a button.
    You benefit from extremely fast loading times that ensure double conversion. Google has found that with a loading time of 3 seconds, 50% of the users drop off. Perspective Funnels is based on a special technology that enables the fastest loading times on the market. Compared to normal landing pages, this offers you huge advantages. That is why many agencies and marketers are already switching from other software to Perspective *.


“My tip on this topic: Test the systems and try them out before every company works with them. Use the advantage you still have now! "

Author: Walter B. Walser,

Walter B. Walser is online marketing manager and editor. He used to help entrepreneurs get 100% more out of their website. He has advised SMEs on their website and specialized in website maintenance, website optimization and online marketing with online tools.
"You are welcome to contact him!"

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