You can get shin braces through weight lifting

Description and use

Meister's graduated compression stockings are the only pair of compression stockings you will need. Meister compression socks are comfortable for running, cycling, hiking, crossfit, weightlifting, soccer or just traveling. The graduated compression of 20-25 mmHg helps limit swelling in your legs by increasing blood flow, which is extremely important in high-performance training or competition. The ergonomic footbed and ventilation construction make these compression socks the most comfortable you will ever wear. Elite Compression Support for Your Whole Leg - Get Your Meister Compression Socks Today.


I tried 4 different types of compression stockings. These are my favorites by far. They feel like they are actually doing something, unlike the other socks I've found that just feel like tight fitting socks. The other great thing is that the size guide was correct! -Jake J.

These socks made a huge difference in my shin splints and they also helped me wear an ankle brace on my previously injured ankle. Worth every penny. -Kelly D.

Convenient and effective. I'm on my feet all day and those socks swell in check in my ankles. -Michael A.

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