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The 25 best finance apps

My finances

The app for managing personal income and expenses categorizes individual bookings. “My finances” shows the budget distribution in weekly, monthly and annual statistics, but only in the full version at 3.59 euros. You protect your sensitive data from prying eyes with a code lock. The import and export of Excel data is also possible.

»Download: My finances for the iPhone (free)
»Download: My finances for the iPad (free)

MoneyControl budget book

Average earners literally lose their monthly income between their fingers. If you want to get an overview of exactly where the Penunsen seep away, ideally keep a household book. Money Control supports you in controlling income and expenses with a large number of settings, freely selectable categories and the selection of persons and groups to which the bookings are assigned. Analysis tools provide clarity and show in bar and pie charts where the money has gone. You can test the app free of charge with 20 entries per month. For unrestricted use, a one-time fee of 1.99 euros is due. PDF reports and document capture by camera cost EUR 0.99 each extra.

»Download: MoneyControl as iPhone version (free)
»Download: MoneyControl as iPad version (free)

Money tab

Objective, but still not as dry as dust: After the simple installation, you enter the income and expenses in the budget app. This also applies to regular transactions such as rental transfers. Good statistics functions round off the app.

»Download: Money Tab for Android (0.81 euros)


The dear money melts under your fingers and at the end of the month you are surprised that the current account is in the poor again. Keeping a budget book helps you keep an eye on your daily expenses and fixed costs. In addition to the cumbersome options of handwritten fixing or typing the receipts into an Excel list on the PC, apps offer the possibility of creating an overview of the workload with minimal effort. The application called "bookkeeping" allows you to enter income and expenses at lightning speed, manages any number of EC and credit cards and other means of payment and provides a constant overview of the balances. The data can be exported and processed further in a spreadsheet.

»Download: Bookkeeping as an iPhone version (free / ad-free 0.89 euros)

VSB budget planner / pocket money planner

The VSB budget planner also helps you to maintain an overview of the income and expenditure situation at all times. Having control over your finances is important because managing money in the household is not an easy thing. The following functions are available: create, edit, delete bookings; Choose any income and expense categories; graphical evaluation of the development of the account balance and the distribution of expenses and income. If you have also installed the program on your PC, synchronize your data with the desktop application.

»Download: VSB Budget Planner for iPhone (free)
»Download: VSB Budget Planner for Android (free)
»Download: VSB budget and pocket money planner for PC (free)

VSB pocket money planner
What Hans doesn't learn, Hans never learns - so that young people have a handle on how to handle money right from the start, the same developer has created the pocket money planner. Here, too, it is important to compare income (pocket money, money gifts, self-earned income) with expenses (mobile phone costs, music, cinema, cosmetics, clothes).

»Download: VSB pocket money planner for iPhone (free)
»Download: VSB Pocket Money Planner for Android (free)

Balance sheet monitor

The speculator does not sleep, but is constantly on the prowl for lucrative investment options. So that the bet on the stock market does not end in the debt tower, he bases his decisions on a solid foundation of information from industry and business. With the balance monitor you always have the annual, half-yearly and quarterly financial reports of companies with you.

»Download: Balance Monitor for iPhone (free)
»Download: Balance Monitor for iPad (free)


The financial service provider OnVista, based in Cologne, provides various financial data: share indices such as DAX or Dow Jones, share prices and the values ​​of raw materials, bonds, currencies. Optionally, users can use the app to create a sample portfolio and follow the courses there. The splitting of the information into the individual markets is interesting for investors, savers and borrowers. You can keep an eye on interest rate and fund developments as well as the turbulence on the commodity market.

»Download: OnVista for the iPhone (free)
»Download: OnVista for the iPad (free)
»Download: OnVista for Android (free)

FMH Lexicon of mortgage lending


The Creditreform group also works as a credit agency. Founded in 1879, the "Creditreform Association for Protection against Harmful Credit Giving" tries to minimize the risk involved in credit decisions. Necessary key figures (annual turnover, balance sheets, number of employees) and the capital resources of companies flow into the international company identification number "EasyNumber". The corporate links are freely accessible via the app. All other creditworthiness data are reserved for registered members. Information about the creditworthiness of individuals - another business area of ​​Creditreform - should be treated with caution, as it is not always based on secure or complete data sets.

»Download: CrefoMobile for Android (free)
»Download: CrefoMobile for iPad (free)
»Download: CrefoMobile for iPhone (free)

Gross net salary calculator

One app from which one hopes for surprises is the net salary calculator. Based on the currently applicable fee and tax rates, the application calculates the available net wage of employees. The bad surprise: As is generally noticeable, the arithmetic is not very worthwhile, because this program does not stop the net wage loss either.

»Download: gross net salary calculator for Android (free)


Whether the interest economy contributes to the welfare of the world population is at least worth discussing. With the current low interest rate policy, high-yield interest rates that exceed the inflation mark are hard to find. But it's smart to try: with the app, you can compare investment options for overnight and fixed-term deposits, savings bonds, savings plans and books. Clicking on the respective provider reveals information about the security of the investment, the frequency of the interest payment, the minimum investment and the product name.

»Download: Investment for iPhone (free)
»Download: Investment for Android (free)

ATM search

The fees for withdrawing cash from other machines are sometimes astronomical. So that you don't shoot money unnecessarily to the moon, you can use the ATM search via GPS or manual input to find the nearest ATM that is on an amicable basis with your bank. The applications of the various banks or banking groups provide similarly good services.

»Download: ATM search for iPhone (free)
»Download: ATM search for Android (free)

Save taxes

Better to save than pay is not necessarily the motto of the federal government. However, every taxpayer should take this motto to heart and not transfer his hard-earned money uselessly to the treasury. With the tips fromsteuersparen.de you get easy-to-understand expert tips, which can also be found as a video in the app. The program is intended as a supplement to the Buhl control software. But the valuable advice also helps to keep the money together.

»Download: Tax Saving for the iPad (free)

Konz tips

The complexity of German tax legislation is legendary. No wonder that the well-off like to transfer their money abroad. Even normal wage earners can smuggle a few cents past the tax office. The 1,000 completely legal tax tricks in book form by Franz Konz are a valuable help. The app is satisfied with the 30 best tips, including flat-rate travel allowances, advertising expenses, allowances, study, double housekeeping. However, the “Konz Tips” are not enough to actually cheat the tax authorities.

»Download: Konz Tips for iPhone (free)

Tax tip

Tax tip also gives you free advice on taxes, wages and personnel. The app, published by the tax consultancy Zirlewagen, is aimed at private individuals and companies. The tips on private and business tax saving opportunities do not claim to be complete - in case of doubt, advice from tax specialists is required.

»Download: Tax tip for Android (free)
»Download: Tax tip for iOS (free)
»Download: Tax tip for iPad (free)

My return

A look into the future is particularly desirable when it comes to investing, but regrettably not possible. This is why this app looks back at the performance of stocks, bond indices, funds and commodities. Simulate deposit compilations and optimize your transactions for the future.

»Download: My Return for the iPhone (free)
»Download: My Return for the iPad (free)

Currency converter

Converting foreign currency is now an almost forgotten exercise in Europe. Only a few upright people hold on to their own currency. Nevertheless, the currency converter is a helpful app that provides good service on long-distance trips and when shopping across borders on the Internet.

»Download: Currency converter for Android (free)


Added value via mobile phone: net wage loss, inflation, tax hikes, price increases in the healthcare system - the state and companies are reaching into your pockets from all sides. So it's high time to get some of it back. The state awards billions of euros in funding every year. The main beneficiaries are builders, self-employed and students. But tenants, students and employees can also cut a piece of the cake. The "Funding" app knows where, how and for what the subsidies go. The free version contains information on 50 funding programs, the paid version 400. Applications can be printed out on an AirPrint-enabled printer.

»Download: 50x funding for iPhone (free)
»Download: Funding for the iPhone (2.69 euros)
»Download: 50x funding for the iPad (free)
»Download: Funding for the iPad (2.69 euros)
»Download: Funding for Android (1.50 euros)

Subscription alert

Trial subscriptions for magazines or cheap cell phone contracts are a dime a dozen. However, one often forgets to give notice in good time - and then it becomes expensive. Subscription alarm reminds you of the cancellation dates by email and creates the cancellation letter for many providers. Sending cancellation letters directly by fax costs EUR 0.89 each.

»Download: Subscription alert for Android (free)
»Download: subscription alarm for iPhone (free)
»Download: subscription alarm for the iPad (free)

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