What is the easiest home school curriculum

The 7 Best Free Online Homeschool History Curricula

What have homeschoolers ever done without the internet? You can easily find a high quality homeschool curriculum available online. The problem is that it can be very costly, especially for larger families.

Fortunately, if you are on a budget for homeschooling, there are more options for inexpensive or free courses than ever before. If you're trying to save money, try these websites that offer free school history curricula.

How To Find The Right Homeschool History Curriculum

Because history curricula can be controversial and needs may vary based on family worldview and individual learning styles, we recommend reading reviews before choosing any resource or course.

Cathy Duffy Reviews is a great place to find the most comprehensive, impartial reviews of hundreds of religious and secular homeschooling classes and curricula. In her reviews, she describes the curriculum in detail, discusses age level and additional learning needs, and reviews pricing information and purchase options.

You can't go wrong with the following resources to get a head start on choosing your homeschool curriculum.

1. Simple Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool was originally developed by a homeschool mom who puts together free curricula for her children. It quickly became a comprehensive K-12 curriculum for home schools, and she decided to share it with the world - for free!

If history is all you are looking for, Easy Peasy is for you. While the Easy Peasy all-in-one homeschool website is aimed at younger kids, you can use the Easy Peasy all-in-one high school sister site for older students.

There are four history courses on the primary school grounds, which are offered at two levels of difficulty. Classes include Ancient, Modern, and Early American History, as well as geography and culture courses that include the history of people from around the world. The high school grounds also include world and American history as well as a comparative government course.

All Easy Peasy courses take place at your own pace, last 180 days and are designed for independent learning. Each day, students follow directions with links to online reading materials, printable worksheets, videos, activities, and assignments. Students are encouraged to save work for portfolios if necessary, and the curriculum guides students through criteria to self-grade and rate their work.

2. Khan Academy

Find a variety of courses in world and US history, government, and civics. The Khan Academy is known for its way of presenting lectures in an animated blackboard format. However, the history courses include multimedia videos and traditional lectures.

Each course is divided into units that consist of several video lessons. Before your children watch the videos, they can read key questions so they can focus and know what to listen to. Students can also test their knowledge with multiple choice practice questions and unit tests during the course.

3. Hillsdale College

This liberal arts college offers in-person courses and degrees, but has generously made all online courses available for free.

In the section history Choose from several in-depth history courses, including courses on American history, Athens and Sparta, World War II, Winston Churchill, and more. Although these courses are college-level, they are also suitable for high school students.

Hillsdale courses include videos with pictures, maps, media clips, interview-style lectures, and online tests. Students can also use the e-learning platform to take notes as they watch, read accompanying reference material, and participate in discussion forums.

4. Digital history

This website covers the homeschool curriculum of American history from the earliest Americans through the 21st century and provides information in a digital textbook format. Students can click on a topic or era to view related text.

Students learn most of their learning by reading, but they can also watch videos, create schedules, view maps, and visit online museums for virtual tours. The curriculum examines many important resources such as journal entries, speeches, and newspaper reports. Parents and teachers can also access lesson plans and print worksheets and tests.

5. CK-12

At the high school level, several history classes for the El Paso, Texas School District, including US history, world history, business, and government, are available on CK-12. Students can read digital textbooks, view multimedia presentations, and complete assignments.

As a parent at school, you can set up a teacher account and assign classes to students with due dates. You can highlight and comment on the material to guide your students through their courses.

6. TedEd

If you're familiar with Ted Talks, you may have come across TedEd, the dedicated platform for teenagers and educators. You can search for history video lessons that already exist on the site or check out other Ted Talks or YouTube videos to create lessons for your children.

At the end of each video, students can take quizzes to see what they have kept, continue reading the topic, or join an online discussion about what they saw.

Videos typically run around the five-minute mark, so these are great additions to other story-learning materials. However, since you can aggregate videos from other websites, it's easy to put together a full course that your child can access from this platform.

7. YouTube

While we're talking about video-based courses, we have to mention YouTube. We've all seen too many animal videos on this website, but YouTube can also be an amazing resource for a history lesson.

Create a playlist to guide your child through a specific story topic. Or, you can check out a channel that already did the grunt work for you. Crash Course and Horrible Histories are two fun starting points.

Crash Course uses short animated videos to teach students about European history, American history, and even art and film history. PBS Learning Media has put the Crash Course History videos together for you in one place.

Horrible Histories, a British television series, has compiled everything gross and silly about history and put it into songs and skits to motivate younger students. However, teenagers and adults will still find it fun and learn new things too.

More experiences to complement your online progression program

Regardless of which courses you choose, remember to supplement these with excursions if possible. While you can't always travel to your favorite historical sites, there are plenty of virtual history tours that can bring your curriculum to life.

Which child is not occupied with learning apps and games? Since smartphones and tablets are so appealing, you can also use history apps. Online games can also improve your children's home learning.

Lots of options for homeschool history

If you are looking for a free homeschool history curriculum, you can create your own courses from a variety of sources or choose a program that is already designed for you. In either case, there are many solutions that you can explore online.