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Apps / software Receive money with PayPal


To be able to receive money via PayPal, the donor only needs a PayPal account and your e-mail address, with which you are registered with PayPal. Alternatively, you can also create a so-called PayPal.Me link that can then be used to send you money.

Receive money via email address or mobile phone number

In order to receive money in your PayPal account, you only have to provide the sender with one piece of information: The email address under which your PayPal account is registered. If you have deposited your mobile phone number with PayPal, the transfer also works with it. The sender then enters your email address or mobile phone number when making the transfer in PayPal and selects how much they want to send. The money will then be added to your PayPal balance immediately and you will receive an email notification. You can then transfer the amount to a linked bank account or use it to pay for your next purchase.

Alternatively, you can also request money directly or create and share a PayPal.Me link. PayPal.Me allows you to create a URL that you then share in place of an email address or cell phone number to receive payments. This is especially useful if you do not want to give out your personal e-mail address.

Request money

You can also use PayPal to request money from other people. For example, if you've paid a little something for someone you know, you can easily send them a request via PayPal. Particularly practical: PayPal money requests can also be sent to people who do not have a PayPal account. You will then still receive your money as a credit on your PayPal account.

After the request, the other will then receive an email notification. This includes a link that redirects you directly to PayPal. There are then two options: Either you log into PayPal and send the requested amount directly, or you send the money without a PayPal account.

A transfer without a PayPal account is only possible with a credit card. If this is also not available, you can easily open a PayPal account free of charge. It should also be noted that with this method of requesting money, the transfer for a service is set by default. However, the sender can easily change this to a referral to friends and family so that there are no fees.

Create a PayPal.Me link


If you have a PayPal account, you can easily create a PayPal.Me link. This not only works via the PC, but also in the smartphone app. The process is identical. Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

quick start Guide

  1. Log in to PayPal and click on the in the top right corner Gear icon.
  2. Then go to "Secure PayPal.Me link".
  3. Now click on "Create a PayPal.Me profileThen enter a suitable name for your link.
  4. Then go to "Further"and agree that Terms of Use to. You can then share the link you just created so others can send you money.