Backlinks are beneficial

The benefits of backlinks

March 12, 2015 Comments Off on The benefits of backlinks

When it comes to Google Ranking, nothing works without backlinks. SEO beginners may wonder what a backlink is. So here is a brief explanation. A backlink is an inbound link. That means: The link refers to your own page from another website, such as the blog. Years ago backlinks were less relevant. Since Google has become so powerful and popular, backlinks are important for the ranking of the website within the search engine.

Backlinks for a good ranking on Google & Co.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo increasingly rate a blog based on how many backlinks there are. With no or very few backlinks it becomes a blog no significant ranking on search engines achieve. The result is that the website is rarely visited and few of the articles published are read. To build a successful blog, building high quality backlinks is important.

Tips for backlinks:

High quality contenthigh-quality articles form the basis of a blog for successful backlink building. In this case, these link almost by themselves. Publishes unique content that arouses the reader's curiosity and with which the own target group is addressed.

Comments - If you want to stay up to date, you have to read blogs relevant to the topic. Anyone who writes a comment there now and then will be noticed. A link in the comment not only draws the reader's attention to one's own blog, but also the operator of the respective blog. They will visit their own blog and set a backlinkif you like the items. But don't overdo it with the links in the comments.

Linkbait - Building backlinks through linkbait articles has the advantage that the blog operator gets a lot of free backlinks. A successful linkbait article is linked by many other blogs and the links generate traffic at the same time. Linkbait articles have to be unique, appeal to the target group, be meaningful and hit the nerve of the reader. In order to tailor the Linkpait article perfectly to your own readers, you should know them well. The Linkpait topic must of course match your own blog. However, such an article should not be written too provocatively, otherwise you could get into trouble.

In order to achieve a good ranking in the search results on Google, both active and passive backlink building are important.

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