How did Helen Keller die

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When the future writer and great philanthropist Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Alabama, USA, she was a healthy child - there was nothing to indicate her later fate. At the age of two, however, she became seriously ill, went blind and lost her hearing. And the years that followed were hell. The child screamed and raged, smashed what she could grasp, drove the family to despair.

New life thanks to Braille

Help came from the almost blind teacher Anne Sullivan. She understood Helen and supported her to accept her fate and not to invest the powers that were in her in anger and anger, but to use them. She taught Helen Braille and encouraged her to go to school. Helen Keller successfully completed her education at Radcliff College. She campaigned for the blind to receive a better education and therefore also called for the introduction of a uniform braille. Because only those who can communicate with others can participate in life.

Mouthpiece for the blind and deaf

Helen Keller had found her calling. Lecture tours have taken her to many countries. She met scholars, politicians and artists from all over the world and campaigned for her commitment to improve the situation for the blind and deaf. In addition to writings on the education of the blind, Helen Keller also wrote about her own life. Your autobiography "The Story of My Life" has become the template for a very disturbing film. Helen Keller passed away on June 1, 1968 after a very eventful and moving life.