What is the diet for thin people

Forever thin - and how to do it

Ingrid: Back from 95 to 78 kilos at the age of 50

"Before losing weight, there was weight gain. It started at around 45 years of age. Until then, I could actually always eat what I wanted, and I did. I come from Styria, where almost every dish still has flakes of butter on it, I say only cheese dumplings, bacon dumplings and Buchteln with real vanilla sauce The pointer of my scale showed 80, soon 90, then 95 kilos.

My crux was the climacteric. As a trained feminist, I thought for a while: I'll take myself for who I am. Being a woman has nothing to do with clothing sizes. In a shop on Mariahilfer Strasse, however, the day of truth came in the run-up to Christmas in the form of a saleswoman who made me understand that there was nothing in her shop for women like me. '46, something homma ned ', she said. I rode the subway home humiliated.

'Resize, all the fat people who are with me have lost weight with this method,' my psychotherapist said. I booked an appointment for the first working day in the new year. The advantages: The appointments are one-on-one, the nutritionists are experienced, and some of them are ex-fatty. The best thing about Resize: The change in diet is tailor-made.

Questions like 'When do you have an appetite?', 'What do you like?', 'Do you like to cook?', 'What do you drink?' are all positive. Then a menu plan is created. For me, a lot was transposed to 'low-fat' and 'light' and fresh vegetables were allowed as additives. I have no idea why I didn't like vegetables in the past or why I felt joyless about water. Now I know: it makes me feel full. I lost 17 kilograms almost by the way. I don't want more either, because underneath I'm hungry and unbearable, says those around me. "

Patrick: 42 kilos less in two and a half years

"As a child and adolescent I was always slim. That changed when I was around 20 years old. I was getting heavier and heavier, in my early 30s I weighed 120 kilos. At 183 centimeters, I didn't look really fat, but very beefy. In my circle of friends I was by far the most obese. I didn't feel uncomfortable, but I still wanted to change something. A crash diet was out of the question, keyword yo-yo effect. I wanted to slowly lose weight, it was too big the fear that my skin would hang limply otherwise.

So I decided to turn several cogs at the same time. I was a downright iced tea junkie, averaging two liters a day. I haven't completely forbidden myself the liquid calorie bomb: if iced tea, then only well dosed and a maximum of half a liter. Otherwise, I drink water that I lightly sweeten with syrup. I used to live almost exclusively on ready-made meals, but now I mainly have fresh dishes on my menu. But here too: no strict ban, now and then a ready-made pizza is allowed.

What else helped? Eat slowly so that your brain can keep up and you feel full in time. You don't get 120 kilograms from watching, I used to shovel a lot into myself in a short time. The first successes became apparent relatively quickly. A positive side effect: I also enjoy sports again. In summer I swim a lot, in winter I regularly try to do half an hour of push-ups or other exercises. In two and a half years, I was able to lose 42 kilos. Today I look like I've never been fat. "

Andrea: With gastric bypass it is 52 kilos lighter

"My operation was in 2014. At that time I weighed 140 kilograms, gastric bypass was the last option for me after countless diets. I was always athletic, but a volume eater. Carbohydrates were my passion: half a kilo of pasta, dumplings and chips I chewed it up easily. I didn't know being full any more.

My doctor at Vienna General Hospital then told me that, with my height of 1.76 meters and a high muscle percentage, I could get down to 90 kilos with a gastric bypass. I read a lot about the operation and the lifestyle I have to lead afterwards - and then decided to do it. Just as the doctor predicted it was. In the first year, I slowly but steadily lost weight, mainly eat protein, low in carbohydrates and know that I can digest food like goulash well, dry pasta cannot.

I've learned to listen to my body: a combination of protein, fat and sugar, for example in the form of curd pancakes, is not good for me, it immediately feels like a total hangover. I have been weighing 88 kilograms for a good two years and I feel really good. However, discipline is my daily companion. I do a lot of sport.

And of course there are seldom, but still cravings. They happen in the head. But I can deal with it because I learned to feel full through the gastric bypass. Once a year I go to the obesity outpatient clinic at the AKH for a check-up. My current plan is to have the sagging skin operated on. That's what I train for. I want to be ready in December 2019. What is Difficult With Gastric Bypass? Eating in the restaurant. I eat slowly, the waiters always want to dump my plate. "

Michaela: Two pants sizes smaller

"Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the days when I don't eat anything, just drink tea, water and vegetable broth. I eat normally on all other days of the week. I started intermittent fasting in 2013, a friend has it recommended to me.

In five years I have probably lost 15 kilograms. I don't have a scale at home, I have lost two sizes of pants. But these fasting days are still not easy for me. In that sense I don't feel hungry, but I get cold very quickly and I am much more tired. In the evening I tend to stay at home in front of the TV, go out with friends and watch them eat, I can't do that.

On my fasting days, I tend to withdraw. By the way, I'm not at all the type of person who likes to chastise each other, on the contrary. So if I am invited on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday, I will stop fasting on those days. Even on vacation I can't manage my program - and not around Christmas time either. I know that after four years because I've seen it every year.

That's why I always take a few weeks off during these times. Admittedly, I will gain a little weight again, but then at some point I will continue again because life with fewer pounds really feels much better than with overweight. I have more energy, I am much more agile and agile, and I enjoy that. That's why my intermittent fasting starts again in the new year. As always, it will be difficult for me. The good thing: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when I fall asleep I will look forward to breakfast the next morning. "(G√ľnther Brandstetter, Karin Pollack, December 29, 2018)