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The top and flop jobs in Germany in 2019

Earning a lot doesn't work in every job. A survey shows which professions have high and low salaries. If you prefer high-paying dream jobs, read on. We'll provide you Salary-related top and flop jobs in 2019with training and academic degree!

Top and flop jobs with training

If you want to earn money quickly and stand on your own two feet, opt for an apprenticeship. But the apprenticeship does not always lead to a lucrative job, as the top and flop professions in 2019 show. So are particularly badly paid:

Flop # 1: Kitchen Help. Form with 21,907 euros annually Kitchen aids bring up the rear in salary comparison. In general, earnings in the catering and service industries are rather modest.

Flop # 2: Hairdresser. Almost everyone uses their services several times a year, but their income is not exactly generous: 23,202 euros a year and thus penultimate place.

Flop # 3: Waiter / waitress. Carrying plates, counting change, dealing with dissatisfied customers, waiter is often not an easy job. At 23,619 euros, the job is still in the lower range of the salary scale.

Flop # 4: Call center agent. They answer all questions and have an open ear if problems arise: Call Center Agents. For their service on the phone, they earn 25,200 euros a year.

Flop # 5: Receptionist. There is hardly any more salary at reception: a total of 25,372 euros per year.

On the other hand, there are good earning opportunities in these professions with training:

Top # 1: Regional sales manager. No academic degree necessary and yet an extremely good salary of 73,053 euros a year - that's what you get in the regional sales management.

Top # 2: Pharma consultant. The Job in the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative for non-academics, with an annual salary of EUR 68,558.

Top # 3: SAP consultant. Who masters the software in his sleep, can be a considerable annual salary drive in in the amount of 64,909 euros.

Top # 4: Branch manager in the bank. To run a bank there is no need for a university degree. The salary (64,737 euros) can be seen for it.

Top # 5: (Key) account manager. The job in sales can also cost 61,019 euros a year get a high income.

Top and flop jobs for academics

The course is considered an investment in the future. But not every job is really worth the long years in the classroomThis is shown by the top and flop professions in 2019.

Flop # 1: Graphic artist. With only 34,194 euros per year graphic designers bring up the rear the payroll for academic professions.

Flop # 2: Web designer. The merit is also in the creative area of ​​web design not particularly voluptuous: 36,885 euros per year are common.

Flop # 3: Pedagogues. Educators often have not an easy job and still earn only 38,236 annually.

Flop # 4: Cultural manager. In cultural management one organizes exhibitions and events, the varied job has to offer an annual salary of 39,814 euros.

Flop # 5: Architect. The planners and builders bring home 41,497 euros per year.

There is a lucrative salary in these professions with an academic degree:

Top # 1: Senior physician. Who did the top job in the hospital got hold of, can look forward to 117,545 euros annually.

Top # 2: Fund manager. In fund management you have to deal with numbers and probabilities every day, whether you have your own EUR 86,434 Can you invest your annual salary profitably?

Top # 3: (Key) account manager. In the highest level of sales some companies only want to hire academics. Then a salary of 81,104 euros beckons.

Top # 4: Specialist. The road to work is long, but it pays off: Specialists earn 80,537 euros per year.

Top # 5: Sales control. As a sales manager there are 78,704 euros annually.

How do the results come about?

For the top and flop professions in 2019, 492,171 salary data from the last twelve months (at gehalt.de, gehaltsvergleich.com, Compensation Partner) were evaluated. All jobs were without personnel responsibility, the information relates to the median. From this, the list of the best-paid and the worst-paid professions in 2019 for academics and non-academics was compiled for the 2019 salary atlas.


Who wants to earn well, should choose the profession carefully. Because not all jobs have a high salary on the pay slip. However, the starting salary after graduation or training can be lower than the average. Nevertheless, the survey reveals which are the top and flop professions in 2019 for academics and non-academics.

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