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Hostinger Review - 10 Pros & 2 Cons (Server Speed ​​& Availability Tested, 3 Websites!)


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Hostinger is a great web host for beginners! Their excellent support team will help you with any problems with your website, they have great features and their introductory prices are the lowest on the market. Great value for money!
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By Daren Low • May 09, 2021

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We just finished the speed tests and are playing around with our Hostinger test sites, and boy, we CANNOT wait to share our results with you! * Spoiler alert - our thirst for speed has been quenched! *



First of all, let's go into the history of Hostinger as a web host.

A long time ago, in the distant city of Kaunas in Lithuania, a small company named “Hosting media”Who dreamed of making waves in the web hosting industry. 6 years and 1 million users later, that dream became a reality and the company formally changed its name to Hostinger.


Since then, Hostinger has not stopped growing. They have settled in 39 countries, built 6 data centers around the globe (another is being built in their home country of Lithuania), accumulated over 29 million users by 2017 and are showing no signs of slowing down.

Their stated goal is to help their users learn, create, and grow, and that is what they arguably have done with the level of their services and their insanely affordable prices.

Why speed is important to us

If you've followed our blogs and reviews, you'll know that we want our web hosting to be like our cars: fast and eye-catching! Okay, maybe not flashy, but we like fast anyway!

The reason why we care so much about web hosting speed is that lack of speed is without a doubt the number 1 killer of many small businesses. Unlike corporations, for small business owners, every single sale counts and we just can't afford to lose customers to avoidable issues like slow web hosting.


Nowadays, your customers expect your website to load in less than a second! Anything beyond that increases the bounce rate by a staggering 32%, and if you wait more than 5 seconds, everything starts to fall apart.

To keep our audiences happy, we've developed a habit of treating them like impatient 2-year-olds; we find ways to give them everything they want as soon as they want it, otherwise they'll start whining. In our case, we deliver the data to our listeners in less than a second because we don't want them to leave our website.


In this article we give an overview of our 3 Hostinger Premium Shared Hosting Plans (one in Singapore, one in the US and one in Europe) just to see how quickly they react and if they are right for you, dear readers.


To make sure we have collected enough data to write this review, we have set up 3 test pages. The data centers for our test locations are located on 3 continents (Asheville NC, Amsterdam and Singapore) so that you can assess how they are performing where your target groups are.


Enough chat, let's get to the real point of this article:


10 reasons why Hostinger is the right host for you!


1. Hostinger is really FAST


We put our Hostinger US test site to a speed stress test with our proprietary server speed checker (still the best and only server speed test in the world #shamelessplug) and compared it to Google's recommendation of 200 ms, here are the results.


USA (W)USA (O)LondonSingaporeSao Paulo
75 ms21 ms92 ms244 ms136 ms

211 ms265 ms172 ms37 ms107 ms

USA data center, average speed: 136 ms


Dear Readers, The speed test results of our Hostinger US test site came back with a world-wide average of lightning-fast 136 ms, which makes them one of our top category A + hosts!


Next, we tested our Hostinger Singapore website to see how it responds to pings from around the world.


USA (W)USA (O)LondonSingaporeSao Paulo
179 ms250 ms216 ms3 ms347 ms

58 ms93 ms78 ms248 ms217 ms

Singapore data center, average speed: 168.9 ms


If you're planning on serving an audience in Asia (and Australia / New Zealand), you'll be happy to learn that Hostinger sent an incredibly fast 3ms response back from Singapore at an average speed of 168.9ms around the world. We give Hostinger Singapore an A + rating.


Last but not least, we have to rate our Hostinger EU website.


USA (W)USA (O)LondonSingaporeSao Paulo
143 ms83 ms9 ms239 ms194 ms

118 ms267 ms262 ms88 ms10 ms

Netherlands data center, average speed: 141.3 ms


For those of you targeting European markets, Hostinger would be one of the fastest web hosts out there. 9 ms from London, those are really impressive speeds! Hostinger Europe is just as fast as its colleagues from Singapore and the USA, and they have achieved average speeds of 141.3 ms worldwide, which means a solid A + ranking!


When you look at our test results, you might be a little concerned that the results are not great at locations far from their data centers. This is actually quite normal, as the data has to travel further to get to its destination.


However, this shouldn't be a problem, because Hostinger has a total of 6 data centers around the world, namely in the USA, EU, Brazil, the Netherlands, Singapore and Indonesia (1 more is being built in their home country Lithuania). Simply select the data center closest to your users and they will be able to enjoy the breakneck loading speeds of your website to the fullest!



2. 99.9% availability guaranteed!


Few people out there take the uptime guarantee seriously, but for us it stands or falls our opinion of a web host. Small business websites need to be up and running as continuously as possible, as any downtime means the loss of potential revenue.

Extended downtime can cause our website to drop in Google rankings, which is bad news for the company.

Some web hosting companies offer a guarantee of availability, but they can sometimes be quite sketchy and operate with vague phrases such as "the release of the payment is at our discretion": in this case that would mean that the provider can decide whether to pays a refund in the event of non-delivery of the guaranteed.

We scoured Hostinger's Terms of Use and found no traces of such nonsense.


If your website downtime drops below 99.9% due to errors from Hostinger, simply contact Hostinger for 5% of your monthly fee back.

So far we have been happy with the availability of Hostinger!


Availability since March 2019


Availability Hostinger Asheville NC


Availability since March 2019


Availability Hostinger Netherlands


Availability since March 2019


Availability Hostinger Singapore



The above counters are updated continuously. The availability is monitored with UptimeRobot every 5 minutes.



3. Faster loading with cache manager


We're just glad Hostinger found so many ways to improve loading speed. One of them is their very own cache manager. Activating it enables faster loading times and higher speeds!

Here's what to do to turn it on.

Enter hPanel and click "Manage" on the website you want to turn it on. Scroll down to “Advanced”. You will see “Cache Manager” listed as one of the options here. Click on "Cache Manager".


Once inside, all you have to do is hit the "Change" button and the "Auto Cache" button should turn green, indicating that it is on. Click on “clean everything” and you're good to go!


We ran some tests on our Hostinger test site with to see how it works with the cache manager enabled:



Our test sites are "off the shelf" installations. H. super light and without optimizations, so that a cache manager doesn't have much to do. However, the effect of the cache manager is amplified when a website has more content and images.



4. Great additional functions for speed!


Our Hostinger Premium Shared account comes with a whole list of extra features, all of which improve speed in one way or another. Here are some of our favorites!


  • 1-click installer
    This feature made installing our favorite applications so much more convenient. Gone are the days when we had to do everything manually. With this function you only need 1 click to install your favorite applications.
  • PHP7 support
    The developers among you will be happy that Hostinger supports PHP7! PHP7 is one of the biggest PHP releases in the last 10 years, and it's MUCH FASTER than its PHP5 predecessor. In benchmark tests carried out with Drupal and WordPress, PHP7 is easily twice as fast as PHP5.6.


  • Git support
    Git is a very powerful tool. Everyone has heard of it before, but not many know what it actually does. In short, Git is open source version control software that allows developers to quickly and efficiently collaborate on their projects, no matter how big or small.

    Git is so popular that it is used by many big companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and even Netflix!

    Even if it is not that important to you personally: if you let software developers develop something for your company, they will be very happy that your web host supports Git. It just makes the problem-solving process so much smoother!

  • Optimized for WordPress
    Hostinger's shared hosting plans come with the latest versions of WordPress and are customized to offer one of the fastest loading speeds in the industry. Just for information, there's a reason WordPress makes up 30% of the internet (they're just so damn good!), So we would highly recommend it for your small businesses!
  • State-of-the-art NGINX caching
    Another reason for using WordPress with Hostinger is their NGINX caching. It significantly increases the performance of WordPress by increasing the loading speed of static content by streamlining the data.
  • HTTP / 2
    Or in other words: HTTP 2.0. As the spiritual successor to HTTP1, it is much faster, safer and easier to use.
    HTTP / 2 works by delivering data in binary code. This will reduce the amount of data and improve the speed, and your users will notice a significant improvement in the loading of your website!
  • LiteSpeed ​​cache
    LiteSpeed ​​Cache is a WordPress plugin that significantly boosts website performance, with the latest update showing huge improvements in TTFB results
    If you install WordPress via Hostinger's auto-installer, LiteSpeed ​​Cache will be installed automatically for you, no mess, no fuss! You can find out more about how this works here.




5. Excellent user interface


Hostinger is one of the few web hosting companies who dare to use a UI other than cPanel. Better still, they managed to get everything right in the process.


Under the brand name hPanel, Hostinger's custom dashboard is clean, easy to use, and very intuitive. All of the features are sorted by category, and their well-designed minimalist icons give the dashboard an almost Muji-like feel. You get the feeling that there is a place for everything and that everything is in its place.

It's so intuitive that even an inexperienced person shouldn't have a problem using hPanel effectively. Hats off to Hostinger's UI & UX team for their excellent custom dashboard!



6. Fast support (they are in a good mood too!)


Sometimes communicating with a web hosting company's support team can result in wanting to reach through the phone line and strangle the useless ass on the other line. Sometimes it can also be enjoyable, productive, and even downright fantastic. We're happy to say that, in our experience with the Hostinger support team, this falls into the latter category.

We didn't get a chance to create a ticket (our installs went smoothly) so we just contacted their live chat to see how they responded to some basic questions and were positively impressed!

Not only did the support team reply us almost immediately (we had to wait a few seconds, which is pretty amazing considering we had to wait almost half an hour with other web hosting providers), but they were knowledgeable too , patient and, believe it or not, they were FUNNY. However, they will also hold hands with you and calm your anxious minds as they help solve the problems one step at a time.

If Hostinger got one thing right, it is their support interface:



We can communicate using gifs and emojis (which some might call a gimmick, but we find it helps relieve stress on complicated matters), and we can send attachments! This is great in times when a picture is worth a thousand words.


We're not the only ones who are so enthusiastic about Hostinger's support. Here are some real life examples of other customers' experiences with the Hostinger support team:




The support team actually practices a "zero-level support system" (unofficial name, doesn't quote us) in which each of its team members is trained to answer every single request without referring to a higher level. This results in extremely quick problem resolution as they don't have to waste time reaching up to solve the problem.


The Lithuanian support team hard at work


Another great thing about their support is that they are localized in a very diverse way! The support team serves 20 countries from 4 support centers in their national language, so that customers in these countries can communicate with the team without any problems. They even plan to include more languages!


The support team in Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Big screen with statistics and KPI tracking


Daren and the CEO of Hostinger in the Yogyakarta support center



7. Free domain!


In case you didn't know: In order to start your website, you usually have to buy a domain name from a domain provider in addition to the web hosting service. Small expenses like this can add up and turn into a snowball, and it can really be a pain for small business owners, especially when they're just starting out.


Getting a free domain name from your web hosting company can really help, and Hostinger is leading by example: giving new entrepreneurs a free domain!


The only problem is that you should also get the WHOIS protection for domains, which protects your online identity. Some domain providers like Namecheap offer whois protection for free, but not all registries do. In most cases you have to pay for it, and unfortunately this is also the case with Hostinger.


But see it positively - you get a FREE DOMAIN! Paying € 4.50 per year for WHOIS protection is really a small thing in comparison. It's a worthwhile investment!



8. Unlimited resources!


As if everything else on this list isn't impressive enough, Hostinger's Premium plan also impresses with the long list of unlimited resources. Let's take a look at some of them.


  • Unlimited websites
    With just one account, you can create as many websites as you want with Hostinger!
  • Unlimited bandwidth
    With Hostinger Premium you don't have to worry about website downtime due to unusually high traffic.You get unlimited bandwidth so you can serve as many users as you want!
  • Unlimited emails
    I mentioned earlier that the cost of running a small online business can easily skyrocket. Email service is one of those cost factors. Fortunately, with Hostinger's Premium plan, we can create unlimited email addresses, just as our business requires. And all with our unlimited SSD storage!
  • CronJobs
    Gone are the days when you had to carefully plan your CronJobs because only a certain number of CronJobs are allowed. Hostinger's premium plan allows an unlimited number of cron jobs so that you can go all out with your scripts!
  • Bonus Perks - FREE SSL!
    While this isn't necessarily an unlimited resource, ... Hostinger recently added free SSL from Let's Encrypt to all of its shared hosting plans! It offers you this additional level of security for free, so that your users can enjoy an encrypted connection.




9. Great entry-level price


Last but not least, it's Hostinger's introductory pricing that really sets this web hosting company apart from the competition.

Hostinger has almost all of the features of a premium web host, but for a fraction of the price; our Premium plan is only € 2.60 / month and the “Single” entry-level plan is only € 0.89 / month, while our current favorite web host - SiteGround - charges € 6.29 for its entry-level plan. We actually made some comparisons, but we'll come back to that later in this article.

As for value for money, we have to say that Hostinger makes one of the best deals in the business, especially for those who are just starting out!



10. The Zyro website builder is yours


To expand an already impressive range of products, Hostinger recently added a website builder to its offering. Zyro is aimed at the real beginner users and takes simplicity to a whole new level.


Zyro offers a more holistic experience. The basic website builder has been further simplified and expanded with external functions that allow users to quickly create complete websites. This includes the ability to automatically generate content, optimize the design and much more.


  • AI author
  • AI heat map
  • Logo & slogan maker
  • Huge picture library (FREE!)


Read our detailed review on Zyro for more information!



Things that disappointed us about Hostinger


So far we like Hostinger very much as a web host, but it's just not realistic to say that they have no shortcomings. Here are some of the things we weren't too pleased about.

1. No daily backups


Missing this trait broke my heart and brought me to tears inside. We're so used to daily backups from other web hosting providers that the lack of this feature made us a little unsettled.


The function is only included as part of your Business Shared Hosting plan (which of course costs more), otherwise it has to be purchased for € 0.86 / month. It's crap that it doesn't come with the premium shared hosting account for free, but put it this way - Hostinger's introductory prices are already the lowest on the market. You deserve to make a little extra cash on certain features.


If you don't want to pay extra for backup services, you can at least rest assured that Hostinger provides free weekly backups for all of its accounts.


That's not as good as a daily backup, but hey, it's free.



2. Juhu! Now available


Updated on July 1st, 2020

Yay! Hostinger has Free SSL from Let's Encrypt! introduced. Further information can be found under point 8.


An SSL certificate is really important as it creates a secure connection between the customer and your website. This creates trust because the customer feels safer when they shop with you. It is the "s" in "https" that gives your website this trustworthiness (how likely are you to do any transactions if you don't see "https"?)



Google also displays the text “This website is not secure” when loading websites without SSL in the Chrome browser, making it even less likely that people will buy something from your website.

SSL is also one of the easiest ways to improve website SEO rankings, so we put great emphasis on this feature. It sucks that Hostinger didn't have it for free, but here's a little tip: go to Cloudflare and sign up for an account to get SSL for free. Problem solved!



Hostinger's plans & features


Hostinger has a variety of plans that will suit all types of users from bloggers and small businesses to large businesses.


Shared hosting


* Hostinger's CRAZY introductory price! However, only with a 48-month subscription.



Cloud hosting


Hostinger's cloud hosting plans are just as simple and easy to use as their shared hosting options, only they come with more powerful features. It seems like they combined the benefits of VPS and shared hosting when designing their excellent cloud hosting plans.


You can enjoy free daily backups, lifelong free SSL, integrated Cloudflare protection, dedicated IP ... basically the whole range. With their 24/7 dedicated, fully managed support, you practically don't have to worry about the backend at all, Hostinger takes care of everything.


* All Hostinger cloud packages are fully managed and delivered with hPanel


However, since the admins manage the backend, you have no access to your server and you cannot change your operating system. A small price to pay for such a practical feature.


Their resources are limited but dedicated (meaning you don't have to share them with other users), and their inclusion of the CDN makes for lightning-fast website load speeds. Those who deem it necessary can seamlessly upgrade from their shared hosting plan to a cloud hosting account without any website downtime.


We are very impressed with Hostinger's cloud hosting (especially since the Global offering is based on Google Cloud) and we would highly recommend it if you're looking for a cloud hosting account!



VPS hosting


Those of you looking for VPS hosting can also enjoy great VPS options with Hostinger. They are up to 30% faster than most standard shared hosting options, with no downtime whatsoever. It is clear to us why Hostinger's VPS hosting is particularly attractive for corporate customers.

Hostinger's VPS offerings are actually quite similar to their cloud hosting plans, with the main difference in backend management. While cloud hosting users can enjoy a fully managed service, VPS customers have root access, which means more adaptability. This naturally means that all updates and server maintenance must be carried out by the user himself.

Their entry-level VPS hosting option costs just € 3.60 / month and is perfect for those of you who are just getting started. Those who feel that they have outgrown their entry plan can upgrade to a different plan that better suits their needs.



How does Hostinger fare against the competition?


Our review would be incomplete if we didn't compare the star of the show to some of our favorite web hosts, right? We took the time to do this and want to see whether someone else might be the better choice for one or the other.

Hostinger Premium vs. SiteGround GrowBig


We tested these two test sites for speed with our proprietary serverspeed checker to see how they would fare against each other, and the results are actually quite interesting.

Check it out here:



Before we break down the results, we have to say that both web hosts did very well. Both averaged under 200ms worldwide, which makes them our top A + category web hosts for speed!


As for speed, I think we can all agree that both web hosts are at the top, with Hostinger giving us a worldwide average of 168.9 ms compared to SiteGround's 159.9 ms. They performed exceptionally well in Asian countries, where both Japan, Bangalore, and Singapore scored under 100 ms.


They didn't do quite as well in London, US East, US West, and Sao Paulo due to the location of the data center (which is in Singapore), but the speeds are still very respectable.


Personally, I find that both web hosting companies are incredibly responsive and fast, but we can't really consider them to be on par because speed isn't the only thing that makes both companies great web hosts.


SiteGround is a top notch all-inclusive web host with excellent features, perfect for small and large business websites. The thing is, excellence doesn't come for free, and subscribers have to pay a lot to renew SiteGround.


Hostinger, on the other hand, is an easy-to-use basic web hosting service that is best for beginners, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. The good thing about Hostinger is that it allows users to upgrade to get premium features, hence the super low introductory price.


They're both fantastic web hosting companies, super fast and damn good at performing; they are just a little bit geared towards different demographic audiences.



Hostinger vs. HostGator (cloud hosting)


Hostgator has a custom dashboard that is known for being both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. The problem with their dashboard are certain limitations that led us to prefer the Hostinger hPanel instead.

Hostinger's custom hPanel dashboard is very visually pleasing and neater compared to HostGator. Everything is nicely categorized, and most importantly, didn't feel like they might have overlooked any function.

Aside from the custom dashboard, Hostinger and Hostgator's cloud options are actually quite similar in terms of speed and features. Hostinger Cloud is a bit more expensive (starting at € 6.71, while Hostgator Cloud starts at € 4.46), but if you compare exactly what you get with both, you can see that the advantages and disadvantages keep the price down to the euro reflect.


HostGator Cloud Plans & Pricing


HostGator Cloud Plans & Pricing


The biggest difference would be the dedicated IP. While HostGator only offers a free dedicated IP with their top tier plan, you get the free dedicated IP with all plans of the Hostinger Cloud.

As with our previous SiteGround comparison, we have to say that while Hostinger Cloud and HostGator Cloud are very similar, they target different demographic audiences.

However, if you ask us about our preferences, we have to say that we clearly prefer the Hostinger Cloud. Aside from being easier to use with the fully managed service, we had a much better experience with their hPanel dashboard. Also, we have only good things to say about the Hostinger support team, while the Hostgator support team can be questionable at times.



Conclusion: is Hostinger the right web host for me?


After playing extensively with our test sites and all of the features and getting an overall picture of Hostinger's web hosting services, we have to say that Hostinger is really a very solid hoster!

Their user interface is easy to use, they have convenient 1-click setups for WordPress (and other popular applications), and their server response times rival other web hosts with our top A + ranking.

We found the service incredibly beginner-friendly, thanks to their excellent support team! Trained on their "zero-level support" system, they will be happy to guide you step by step to the solution of your problem.

When compared to our favorite web hosting company, SiteGround, we found that Hostinger's speed is almost on par with SiteGround's. It should be noted that these two companies serve quite different markets.


If you are just starting out or thinking about breaking into the blogging business, there is nothing to worry about with Hostinger. Their excellent service combined with their insanely low prices make them a price-performance winner. Anyone who finds that it is no longer enough at some point always has the option of upgrading to premium features!


Key Features

  • ✓ SSD storage
  • ✓ Unlimited bandwidth
  • ✓ hPanel
  • ✓ Free domains and SSL
  • ✓ Great support
  • ✓ Git, PHP7, 1 click installer

Recommended for

  • • Beginner
  • • Joomla, Drupal, WordPress
  • • Small / Medium Business
  • • Professional / personal blog
  • • Affiliate Markets