How does sin affect life expectancy?

Deadly Sin "Gays Die at 42"

co - 08/14/2019 - 4:01 p.m.

One should not promote homosexuality because gays have an average life expectancy of only 42 years - this is what the Republican Ron Gould claimed in an interview with the Kingman Daily Miner. The politician is the elected representative for Mohave Country, Arizona. Because homosexuality is bad for life expectancy, Gould also advocate a law against marriage for everyone. He believes gays die early because of their sexual orientation. All people have their sins, but should practice their suppression - after all, alcoholism is also harmful to health, but is not advertised by interest groups.

Gould gave no statistics to support his assertion. So the Phoenix New Times went on a search and found a similar number published in 1994 by the LGBTI * hate extremist group, the Family Research Institute. The founder came up with the number when he calculated the average age from the obituaries of some LGBTI * newspapers.

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